Chemtrail Flu – Florida East Coast Hospital Skyrocketing Admissions – Florida Ain’t No Sunshine

Chemtrail Flu - Florida East Coast Hospital Skyrocketing Admissions - Florida Ain't No Sunshine

Harold Saive – Florida used to be the Sunshine State – now under constant Chemtrail assault.

Florida January 2019

Chemtrail spraying from 4/11/16  It was non-stop, all day long for days. I work in a hospital and can tell you first hand that respiratory, throat, sinuses and skin rashes skyrocketed within 3 days of the heavy spraying.

Satellite  data on 4/11/16 –

Merle Haggard mentioned Chemtrails in one of his songs

28 thoughts on “Chemtrail Flu – Florida East Coast Hospital Skyrocketing Admissions – Florida Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. No one has ever been allowed to talk about Chemtrails , every Meteorologist from every main stream television weather forecast , will not return calls or emails when asked , as I have many times in the last 15 years , not one ! In the last couple of weeks the trails have been extra heavy in California , every day , back and fourth . I’m beginning to think that this spraying is in cooperation with United Nations . I also believe the Agenda is being stepped up rather quickly for the Agenda 2030 . and the group that has pushed this massive illegal plan since 1993 is now worried about Mr. Trump . They know a President Trump will shut this scheme down faster than anyone ! The UN must be worried also , because Mr. Trump knows all about this Communist Climate Change Attack that’s been going on for decades ! So , here it is , The bastards are not willing to discuss aerosol spraying to the citizens , and try to make it sound like we are crazy ! every idiot in the country is believing that the climate is our fault ! As Americans , we do not wan’t our skies sprayed , we do not wan’t to be lied to anymore and we don’t wan’t the United Nations on our soil anymore ! , We need Mr. Trump now !

  2. Found another article that stated that they also have added lithium to the mix. Been experimenting on myself with colidal silver nose spray. And taking activated charcoal, and drinking edible hydrogen peroxide. Drinking tons of carrot juice. Supplements of vitamin c, royal jelly, and magnesium. Tired of the symptoms. Only been a week, but, I’m feeling better. It’s not allergies. 6mo of allergy type symptoms.

  3. Everybody at work has been sick with “allergies”….every other day I irrigate with a Netti-Pot and Im the only one in the whole office that its missed…Whatever works

  4. They have been spraying heavally here in northeastern pa Monroe County all week 4/16 through today4/21 MY WIFE HAS BEEN COUGHING WITH upper respatory symtoms all mounth

  5. The respiratory issue is parasites — if you take diatomaceous earth (must use food grade only), you’ll blow 1/4″ long thread-like parasites into a tissue. After a few weeks, the parasites are gone, but the eggs will still be coming out. The congestion will be mostly gone, you’ll breathe more deeply, and your energy level will greatly improve. These parasites have to be coming from the chemtrails — not only were they in my sinuses, but also in the water of a fountain outdoors.

  6. Omg, sounds like me. Although my symptoms have been muscle weakness, dizziness, flu like symptoms and a feeling of tightness in my face near my nose and have been feeling this since about Christmas time.I went to the doctors and they told me it was a bacterial sinus infection and that i was clogged on both sides of my nose, so I got antibiotic’s and had a Cat scan to see if it was sinusitis which came back clear but still have not felt right, there are a few other people that I have come across including one at my job who feels the exact same way and have each had a Cat scan or MRI and there’s also shows its clear but they also still feel dizzy and and “off”. It feel more like some type of virus that won’t go away!

  7. Can anyone from Hawaii (Oahu) tell us what they’re experiencing -,as I was there for one week without seeing a single chemtrail – wow!! I didn’t think anywhere in the US could see blue sky for seven straight days …

  8. There was very heavy spraying in Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington during the first part of April. I was afflicted with “something” that gave me severe headaches, sinus problems and whole body aches. All I could do was sleep about 20 hours a day, absolutely zero energy! My wife, who literally NEVER gets sick, was hit about 10 days after me, only worse. Then I find that similar maladies are surfacing in Northern Calif and other places all over the West/Midwest and then the US! Emergency rooms all over this area were full of sick people! Don’t see how something like this could happen simultaneously in so many diverse areas naturally! Doctors diagnosed the illness as a “type of flu.” Treatment was a week of Azirthromycin(?) I took no meds, my illness lasted a little less than my wifes….Who knows? I think chemtrails were used to test something on a wide segment of the population in anticipation of something else being used! It worked,,,,,

    1. It was suggested that the ‘national health care’ program was developed to monitor the spraying activity – health impacts.

      A whistle blower said lithium was being spraying over Oregon.

      ’10 20 15 Tuesday, NW and West Coast, US. Another experiment over Oregon, specifically the NW quadrant of the state. Got hit hard with some sort of hallucinogen, along with the lithium HAZE. Most folks were goofy and ‘stoned’, although I suspect few realized what was hitting them. I barely made it home from Coos Bay without falling asleep at the wheel’.

  9. I have been telling my friends and family that the jets are doing somthing up there and I mean milatary jets only flying when there is over cast and staying in the cloud coverage covering patern flights and yes I do have silmptoms thought mabey allergeis but with slight fever hmm

  10. The “10,000 lb Elephant In The Room” in all this is that someone who is “in charge”, who possibly might even be elected to look out for our welfare, has taken a course of action that is sickening and possibly even killing us.
    No explanation, no public hearings, just “let’s do this” and screw the Citizens.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  11. Heavy spraying going on in NYS and Ct. People complaining of not feeling well, me included. I’ve never seen it this bad. It’s definitely ramping up. Interesting thought is I live in a very high income part of the country with many Wall Street powers that be types including Henry Kissinger and that doesn’t keep them from spraying.

  12. The chemtrails look like this or worse here in ohio..silver soap helps the crap they are dropping so the nose spray may work as well….will give it a try

  13. I live in central New Mexico and most days they crop dust the city with criss cross patterns and completely haze the city over. Our state always has had bright blue skies and puffy clouds-remember those! This has been going on here for years and years. I loved the outdoors but my sinuses were always getting infected and horrible congestion. The only thing that has helped me is good air filters at home,showers at night, purified water and exercise indoors. If I didn’t do this I would be wrecked from this!

  14. I have been hit with this thing since Christmas last. Cough so much I can’t hardly catch my breath. Sinuses drain down my throat into the lungs during the night and I cough it all up during the day. I have thrown everything at it with no avail. Not really a flu – no temp. But surely compromises everything I try to do. Haven’t tried the micro-silver yet. I can recognize this in other people as I go about.

  15. I live in a suburb of Phoenix if you want to call it that. There are many chem trails usually daily. I haven’t felt flu-like. I’ve felt “stoned” or “high” and not on drugs of any kind. Was wondering what could be the cause. This is a definite possibility.

  16. They’re spraying some stuff around here (I’ve got a good nose still), it stinks like a lung infection, it’s disgusting. Sort of a metallic smell also. All the trees are getting moss and lichens on them like I’ve never seen before. They’ve got black ‘dirt’ on them, not from car exhaust, we’ve got lichens growing on the paint of a shaded metal gate! This isn’t “climate change” either! Moss is growing all in the grass too, if I put wood ashes (alkaline) on them they shrivel up. WHAT can we do? The mASS media doesn’t give a rats butt, they’re all parrots. We’re protecting ourselves by eating a nutrient dense diet, lots of high quality animal fats, but this is wreaking havoc with the animals, plants and of course humans. So what can we do to expose this?
    I say my prayers every day for the Lord Jesus to return….

  17. Last year I contracted this “Chemtrail Flu” and I honestly thought I was going to die. I was so weak I could barely get out of bed, I lost my hearing in one of my ears for about six months and major respiratory issues for quite some time following my two weeks off work. This is all chemtrail related as I have tested my theory by wearing a face mask during heavy spraying days and the effects are greatly reduced, but if I fail to wear it on these heavy days of spraying, I feel weak, respiratory problems, blurred vision and stuffed nose.
    If we continue to allow them to slowly poison us, at some point in the near future, we are going to end up dead!

  18. I have a special hospital-grade filter light in my air conditioner that kills all bacteria. I also have a special medical grade air purifiers all over my house from Rabbit Air. And I never drink tap water. I drink bottled water from Iceland that’s alkaline. I’m not getting sick either. I also eat non gmo organic food often (not always). I know it costs more to live like this, but I haven’t encountered any problems. I do recall that when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for four days, I ate their food and breathed in the air without everything that I have set up in my house and I came back with a runny nose, cough, rash, etc. that lasted a few weeks. But like I said, I’m not getting sick at all, except the time I went on the cruise. You go figure it out for yourself. Get water from Iceland that’s alkaline. Iceland Springs bottled water.They sell it at whole foods. I work from home too. I hope that helps.

  19. No doubt about it!!!…I have been coughing for weeks now. Feeling weak….My heart races at times….I have been watching the chemtrails for years….and yes people think your crazy as they are coughing their brains out… My muscles hurt.. feel awful! Every morning I get up my mouth tastes like I had a metal sandwich for a midnight snack!! I use mouth wash to try and kill the taste. it last for a few minutes then the awful taste is there. I believe it is going to be exposed very soon…I hope so, before it kills me!! I have seen hundreds of trails over the last month or so. How people can just see it and not believe!!

    1. Use baking soda instead of mouthwash balances pH of mouth (, all sorts of nasty stuff off the shelf mouthwash. Consider a change in your life style to deal with these poisons. Check out this natural health radio show Every Saturday Morning 8PT/9MT/10CT/11ET Call-in number, or to listen by phone: 657-383-1002 Hear the show at

  20. Hardly any will look up and when they do they quickly disappear no more conversation lucifer has done his master stroke one the entirer world the titanic two is going down
    How did we get so far gone pause we thru God out of every thing that he was placed in schools , hospitals
    Government no Ten Commandments pray gone alligence to the flag gone and are sanity gone what’s left
    What’s next well it already started are punishments and chasetisements for using Our Creator as a door mat
    History is going to repeat itself on a Grand Scale
    Our Lady you know Mary Gods mother warned us in 1846 At Lassatte sued said nature will be changed
    Are air are water are land well folks she right one target but few care

  21. Quite a neat little science project; those sick SOBs. Spraying aerosolized sulfates and aluminum. Using Sky Heaters similar to the HAARP antenna, to manipulate the sprayed crap. See the scalar wave pattern in the clouds; like ripples. That’s Weather Engineering! Then, the “conspiracy” part…like it’s too scary not to be (hopefully they’re NOT doing this, but they are pretty sick remember) Adding virus, dessicated blood and other concoctions to spray on us.

  22. My asthma is no longer stopped by an inhaler and nebulizer doesn’t help much. You guys google NASA
    microdust weaponry and research for their posters and peoples videos. I’m on the gulf of Mexico and when
    they spray you cannot see the sun or streaks because the glare is phenomenal.

  23. I ended up barely getting through the ER door on April 26, 2016 before collapsing from inability to breathe. Although I have had allergies and asthma in the past, I have never experienced what I am right now. It sounds like pneumonia, or advanced asthma, I ache all over. As the person above noted, the inhalers and nebulizers no longer work for this situation…. I have been filming the chemtrails for around five or six years, and I think it has finally taken it’s toll. In the course of trying to warn others of the dangers or even awaken them to chemtrails, I have put my own health on the line.

  24. I flew into Orlando April 2016 on my way down I observed 2-3 military jets spraying a black material honestly it was so dark it looked like dirty motor oil.My wife ,passenger and I all three saw this.
    During my stay in Florida I was not surprised to see the on going aerosol program in full swing .From Naples to Orlando to the east coast . Orlando was the worst. I have been documenting this for
    years here in Middle TN, See some outrageous photographs on my new video here . Homicide Skies Nashville Tennessee 2016

  25. San Diego has this toxic waste dump in the sky almost daily….people are getting sick…I’ve had all the above illnesses associated with chemtrails especially respiratory illnesses>>I’m protesting here…and passing out fliers…People better start waking up or one day they won’t !

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