They Can Control The Weather – Military Chemtrails

We exposed the covert geoengineering that is happening before your eyes – the reasons why it’s kept secret, the horrific impact it’s having on us and our environment and the reasons you may want to join the growing number of people seeking to take our power back, to address climate warming with solutions that support life, rather than poison it. 

Military Chemtrails: Artificial Clouds & Directed Energy Weapons in Space

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5 thoughts on “They Can Control The Weather – Military Chemtrails

  1. Never doubted it for a second…the general rule of thumb is that if you think its true, its usually ten times as bad as what you think it is

    1. Our history and what we are ‘taught’ in school is a lie. Education should come from masters, not someone, who has no clue and is paid to write books.
      Our heritage and knowledge is lost by design. So we become stupid and lost. Only a few know the real truth and they are labeled as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

  2. Why would any Human Being have the desire to ” Control The World ” ? unless of course , they were MAD !

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