Dr. David Keith – John Holdren – Prof Ken Caldeira Discuss Geoengineering

Climate Engineering Conference 2017 October

They want to kill us with their scam. ‘Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.’ Groucho Marx

Psychopath David Keith on Comedy Central Justifying Chemtrail Spraying

5 thoughts on “Dr. David Keith – John Holdren – Prof Ken Caldeira Discuss Geoengineering

  1. They have been spraying our skies for years ! what’s he talking about ? he said ” If this is to be performed ” , Liar ! he;s a Liar !

  2. The pollution in the sky is blamed on the people. What’s worse our tax dollars and fuel are being wasted.

  3. Just look up the ” America 2050 Map ” , that’s the Hillary Clinton / Joe Biden hidden army of economic Globalist’s of Regionalism . The ” Regional Planning Association ” of New York City is using our government to abide by Globalist’s requests to Transform our country into Regions and Mega Cities , You’ve Probably noticed the massive population moving into and around major cities in the last 25 years , while the Weather Movers are forcing small towns and Rural Citizens to relocate into these massive Multinational Corporation ” Shopping Regions ” and they’ll murder people while forcing them off their land ! China is doing the same with huge Mega Cities . It’s Global Communism at a Snails pace ! Stay Rural America and don’t be a ” Consumer ” at Corporations !

  4. (07-16-20199 — PROTONIUS here, with the CORRECTED REVISION of my earlier post:

    I haven’t yet viewed this “Dr. David Keith – John Holdren – Prof Ken Caldeira Discuss Geoengineering” roundtable. But maybe the following personal notes will be worth considering, in regard to this issue:

    A few months ago, I attended a public “debate” — run by IQ2US (intelligencesquaredus.org) — titled “Engineering Solar Radiation is a Crazy Idea” (https://www.intelligencesquaredus.org/debates/engineering-solar-radiation-crazy-idea). It featured, on the “pro-engineering” side, Dr. David Keith and another “pro” expert. And on the “against-the-idea” side, it featured two “experts” that I, in my apparent ignorance, had never heard of in my readings about this issue — but maybe that’s just me.

    HOWEVER, what was apparent to me from the start — and throughout the “debate” — was that
    IN MY VIEW, in my listening to their arguments, MY PERSONAL IMPRESSION was that these two “against-the-idea” experts were NOT particularly knowledgeable as to the breadth of the alleged facts about, or the alleged dangers posed by, or even the alleged EXISTENCE of, “Chemtrails”, “H.A.A.R.P.”, chemtrail-emplaced airborne particulates of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese etcetera. In fact, to my recollection, these terms were barely – IF AT ALL — EVEN MENTIONED in the entire “debate”! (You can check me on this, by viewing a replay of the debate at the above link.)

    Rather, I got the distinct impression, in viewing the debate, that the “against-the-idea” experts were primarily looking at only the ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY of DR. KEITH’S PROPOSAL, and that these “against-the-idea” experts either had little familiarity with the broader issues — such as the alleged manipulation (and impact) of climate and weather or the alleged impact on all life on this planet — or that they, for their own reasons, were intentionally “holding back”.

    In short, I was surprised at what — in my view — was the LACK of coverage or discussion of important information that, in my view, is HIGHLY RELEVANT to this subject.

    Until this point, my impression had been that IQ2US had an outstanding reputation for involving the public in major controversial issues; indeed, I had previously attended a number of their public debates and was positively impressed.

    But in THIS case?

    Even prior to attending the above debate, I had emailed IQ2US — upon learning of the two debate-teams — and asked why IQ2US had NOT chosen to have at least ONE expert who is KNOWN for being exceptionally knowledgeable about the alleged DOWNSIDES of “chemtrails” and geoengineering — such as DANE WIGINGTON, ELANA FREELAND, DEBORAH TAVARES, and one or two others.

    I did not receive a reply. And, needless to say, IQ2US stuck to its original plan of debaters, which had already been announced.

    And yet, it seems that the skies have been forever (until?) changed.

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