Mark Lewis – Florida – This is the first time the government has admitted it is happening, confirming what many have known for years.

Comments: Looks like they are going to drain our lakes in Florida in preparation for a hurricane that may never come, then deny us the use of clean water sources because of a drought. – They have the technology to filter and control ALL microbes from lakes and ponds but that would not work with their agendas.
EPA and DEP are controlled opposition just like Army Corp of Engineers, getting paid big bucks to Depopulate the US and other countries with Weather Warfare.


(TMU) — Last week, during a meeting of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, an Army Corps of Engineers official admitted that the agency has been dumping toxic water from Lake Okeechobee into local estuaries without any warning to the public.

For years, this has been an open secret among the area’s residents, who have seen the consequences of this policy on the region’s wildlife, but this is the first time the government has admitted that it is actually happening.

Republican Congressman Brian Mast questioned Maj. Gen. Scott Spellmon of the Army Corps during the meeting, asking him about the water that was being diverted from Lake Okeechobee into estuaries on the coasts of Florida. Mast asked if the water that was dumped into the estuaries contained cyanobacteria. Read more

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