NASA Going Nowhere Since 1958

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) fraud with a daily budget of $56 million. This is a simple film that explores NASA and its history with the Presidents of the United States. by jeranism

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Also see How we Know we Didn’t Go to the Moon  By James Fetzer

PENN magazine, edited by my colleague, Mike Palecek,  published this issue in 2018, which includes a stunning article by Winston Wu, “The Apollo Moon Hoax: 35 Proofs We Didn’t Go”. Winston is a brilliant guy and this article is my favorite on the subject. I recommend beginning with “Conspiracy Theory: Did we Land on the Moon?”, which advances one scientific reason after another about why we could not have gone and abundant evidence that the moon landing footage was faked. For those who may harbor lingering hopes that we really did go, this is the place to start.

This publication coincides with “The Next Generation of Researchers”, a high-school forum with teams from different schools, debating whether we went to the moon, where I served as the evaluator of the exchange and offered a summary of the evidence that demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that we did not go to the moon, especially because it was neither physically nor technically possible, which implies that the “official narrative” cannot possibly be true: Read more

9 thoughts on “NASA Going Nowhere Since 1958

  1. So, are those who deny the moon landings(plural) stating that all Apollo Missions between 1969 (1st crew) and 1972 (last crew landing) are elaborate hoaxes and all the people involved in all those space programs and the eye witnesses around the world are deceived or liars?

    If this be true, it seems like an awful treacherous hill to take a stand on to me.

    1. Exposing government fraud and treachery is the theme here especially with a daily budget of $56 million. Belief is the enemy of knowledge. Lie is in beLIEf.
      It’s all part of the lies we are indoctrinated with. As a child my father said the moon landings were faked in 1969.
      Others who went to telescope observatories wanted to point in the direction of the moon to see the rover – access denied.
      Ever notice how the rockets don’t go straight up? Their path is curved. advance to 3:23 mark.
      16th-Century Shipwrecks Found Amid Rocket Debris Off Florida Coast
      Gus Grissom (AstroNOT) was a critic of the Apollo project and he was taken out.
      How could the AstroNOTs talk to the president over the phone from the moon? Our modern day cell phones can’t get a signal in aircraft flying at 5 miles above the earth.
      A camera recorded the first steps on the moon. How did that happen? Camera already on the moon? TV technology at that time was erecting huge towers to broadcast signals hundreds of miles not broadcasting 125,000 miles.
      The fuel required for round trip of 1/2 million miles would be excessive. All the ‘rockets’ are all the same size.

      More eyewitness testimony:

      A rock supposedly brought back from the moon by U.S. astronauts, is just a piece of petrified wood

      Capricorn One is a 1977 government conspiracy thriller film about a Mars landing hoax. The TV lies, movies tell the truth.

      1. Understandably so, Government fraud and malfeasance is woven in the story. I’m not in opposition to that point.
        My comment was in regards to the later part of the post.

        In other words, The question I put forth, Are people who claim the moon landing was a hoax also claiming all subsequent Apollo moon landings are hoaxes along with all evidence brought back to earth? Are(were) all 12(total 24) astronauts lying or deceived along with thousands of people involved in those missions?

        1. It appears to be the case that the astroNOTs knew as evidenced by the news conference following the ‘moon’ landing. They were not excited, very grim and saw no stars.

          So the conclusion is that the astroNOTs and higher ups knew. Everyone else was separate, compartmentalized. Those involved sign confidentiality agreements so the secret is safe. AstroNOTs get the fame but pay a price.

          Fetzer does a great job breaking this down and the video NASA 50 Years of Going Nowhere also covers the key points.

          Here NASA engineer says we must solve the Van Allen Radiation belt problem – when they supposedly went thru this for moon trip – double talk –

          More videos here:

          YouTube & the net has scrubbed all the NASA hoax in their search results over the past few months, just as all alternative news and health information.

          Most of the videos showing the space station hoax (using a green screen) women with sprayed hair that stands up straight and many other anolmolies. The space station looks like junk inside, cables hanging all over the place. Hair nets should be used to protect the equipment, etc. More videos

          1. My goal here is not to change any minds just expose another side of the story.

            More than 5 years ago, I found the website of a Christian Pastor, who is living in Florida and for 25 years was an Electrical and Computer Engineer for NASA and employee/witness to the Challenger disaster.
            Though his site is dedicated to spiritual life and a divine viewpoint of news related events, he tells a different story about past Space Expeditions. His site incorporates many pages with information about space flights that gives details, with links, that would be virtually impossible to fake.
            Also, My previous Pastor, here in Ohio, works for NASA and would have his story to tell.
            Thanks for your time and effort.

            1. Sharon Wood – your pastor was not in the loop and was part of the 1000’s HONEST PEOPLE verifying the fraud. The US (Corp) government is controlled psychopathic criminals – who don’t give a rat’s ass about lying and stealing money.

  2. It’s abundantly clear, that the real reasons/motives these lunatics are deceiving the whole world (or almost anyway), is to indoctrinate & brainwash the masses to believe in evolution & blind chance! Their motive is to dis-empower people, to make them feel insignificant & worthless & to believe in an uncaring universe with no creator who designed it all.

    Of course the opposite is true & the good news is that there’s indeed an intelligent CREATOR, who loves each & everyone of His creation.

    Those who’re trying to spread darkness & falsehood in order to deceive the unaware, will one day reap their just-full harvest they have sowed onto themselves. In other words, KARMA will catch up to them.

  3. NASA creating space on the ground for decades so the crooks in the know can steal the land and create new commerce routes
    All of the land around Louisiana is being redeveloped by non other than the big oil cartels
    The actors who played your ass tro nots
    Entire midwest was flooded out so they can take the land from the farmers for their new NAFTA Super Highway

    See and

  4. The US (Corp) government is controlled psychopathic criminals – who don’t give a rat’s ass about lying and stealing money.

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