Vaccine News – Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Joins Pfizer

Local vaccine clinic buys wheelchair swings for kids they crippled

Harris Poll: 45 Percent of Americans Doubt Vaccines are Safe –  Vaccinated are Carriers of Diphtheria 

Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Joins Pfizer Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD has joined the board of directors of Pfizer, Inc.-the world’s largest pharmaceutical company and second largest manufacturer of vaccines. Pfizer, which posted total revenues of $53.7 billion in 2018, announced Dr. Gottlieb’s election to the board on June 27, 2019. Dr. Gottlieb, who led the FDA from May 11, 2017 to Apr. 5, 2019, has also been appointed to the Regulatory and Compliance Committee and the Science and Technology Committee of Pfizer’s board Read more

Harris Poll: 45 Percent of Americans Doubt Vaccines are Safe: A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) revealed that 45 percent of Americans have doubts about vaccination. The survey, which was given to more than 2,000 adults, asked two questions. Respondents were asked questions about their views on vaccination and, if they had concerns, what kind of information caused them to have doubts. The results showed that two out of five people said that something they read or heard influenced them to question vaccine… Read more

Asymptomatic Carriers of Diphtheria Identified in Canadian School: A rare case of diphtheria was identified at an elementary school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-the third case in that school district since 2017. Public health officials subsequently identified three other people, who are asymptomatic carriers of the bacterial disease and are being treated in isolation. The Alberta Health Services (AHS) is monitoring and treating the patient, carriers and all potential contacts. Fully Vaccinated Asymptomatic Carriers of Infection Diphtheria is not, by any means, the only infection that may be transmitted by fully vaccinated, asymptomatic carriers. Pertussis, measles, polio and influenza are among the infections that have been implicated in transmission of infective pathogens from asymptomatic, vaccinated hosts.  Read more

Half of Americans Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer by 2030: Cancer is an “abnormal growth of cells.” Vaccine insert section 13.1 Carcinogenesis (cancer), Mutagenesis (changes DNA), Impairment of Fertility – has not been evaluated.  (1340% increase in vaccines from 1960 to 2019 )That is perhaps the most succinct description of the disease, which is really more a group of diseases since there are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancer cells are malignant-meaning that they can invade and spread to different parts of the body, forming solid tumors (masses of tissue) that can damage organs and tissue. The 13 most common forms of cancers in the United States are breast cancer, followed by lung, prostrate, colorectal, skin, bladder, lymphatic, kidney, uterine, blood…

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