Airplane ‘Contrails’ May Triple Global Warming By 2050, Scientists Say

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Jim Satney – Scientists are now warning that emissions from airplane engines are a grave threat to the world. While many argue against the use of the term, “chemtrails,” there seems to be little argument that “contrails” are wreaking havoc on the climate.

According to a new study published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, airplane contrails will triple global warming by 2050. Even NBC News reported the findings over the weekend.

“Given the forecast for the increase in air traffic, which is very large, this contrail effect will increase even more than the carbon dioxide impact,” atmospheric physicist Ulrike Burkhardt, wh co-authored the study, said. He went on to say that airplane contrails will be the largest influencer of climate change. Read more

2 thoughts on “Airplane ‘Contrails’ May Triple Global Warming By 2050, Scientists Say

  1. The nano and micro sized metal particulates trap the hot air on the planet’s surface so that it can not be displaced by the cooler air. As a kid I can recall playing ball with my friends in the fall. We had to wear our windbreakers because once the sun went down it got cool. That no longer happens. When it is 90 degrees at 10:00 PM, something is wrong….

  2. This is how they will limit your ability to travel under their UN agenda

    Problem – reaction – solution

    Part of the global warming, climate change scam

    ‘Scientists’ is not a label I would give them at all – more like bought and paid for liars

    Check in to the UNESCO Common Core edjucation system teaching everyone around the world how to be a global serfs

    Sustainable ‘SMART’ cities is also UN agenda 21 – they refer to them as human settlement zones

    Funny how you never hear any of your so called representatives or the puppets on tell lie vision talk about this agenda now isn’t it

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