Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Pharma’s Vaccines: The Untold Story

AZ - Unvaccinated Child Taken Home by Police SWAT Team

Download – print before this is erased. https://tinyurl.com/y52xf9rv

No Liability For Injury or Death; No Liability For Withholding or Giving False Information; Fraudulent Safety Testing; Over $4.1 Billion Secretly Paid Out By US Taxpayers for Vaccine Injuries & Deaths; Millions Permanently Damaged or Killed; Government Bribery, Infiltration & Control; Kickbacks, Financial Favors & Payouts; $741 Million “Donated” to the CDC Foundation; Covert “Non-Profit” Pharma Front Groups; Research Misconduct & Scientific Fraud; Manipulation & Suppression of Data; Takeover of Medical Journals; Contaminated Lots Discovered, Covered Up & Yet Still Distributed; Pharma/Government/Media Collusion, Lies, Fake News Stories, Fear Mongering, Censorship Of Vaccine Dangers, CDC Whistleblower Blackout, Spin Doctoring, Smear Campaigns to Destroy the Careers of Prominent Doctors; Hired Shills & Trolls; Bullying; Harassment; Coercion; Murder

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