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Update—Oral Arguments in Heard NY Lawsuit to Stop the Repeal of Religious Exemptions

Attorneys Michael H. Sussman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

AUGUST 13, 2019 – Judge to Hear Oral Argument on the Repeal of the Religious Exemption to Vaccination for New York Children

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On August 14th, attorneys Michael H. Sussman and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. presented oral arguments on behalf of 55 NYS families, hoping Justice Denise A. Hartman would block a law passed in June or at least issue a preliminary injunction.

Challenging the constitutionality of the legislature’s repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination, they stated that parents who don’t want their children vaccinated will have their First Amendment rights violated if they are forced to do so.

With school less than three weeks away, more than 26,000 NYS families have been thrown into chaos, because their children are barred from school and daycare. Hartman heard an hour of arguments over an injunction, and said she will keep the tight timeline in mind as she deliberates.

A decision has yet to be made.. READ MORE

Verified ComplaintPlaintiffs’ BriefOrder To Show CauseAffirmation Final

RFK, Jr. in Albany, “We should win this case. Pharma has paid $35 billion in fines and penalties for their convicted criminal activity.”


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