1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT

Children at Fernald State School fed Radioactive Cereal by scientist at MIT & Harvard University

They also used mentally handicapped children and orphans to test vaccines on…that way no adverse reactions could be reported…these are the same people YOU TRUST with the sanctity or YOUR infant’s blood…WTF is wrong with YOU? Billy DeMoss

SOURCE ahrp.org. In December of 1993, Scott Allen, a journalist at the Boston Globe, uncovered documents showing years of ethically dubious experiments conducted on Fernald Center youth. The day after Christmas, he published an article, “Radiation Used on Retarded,” noting that “Records at the Fernald State School list them as “morons,” but the researchers from MIT and Harvard University called the retarded teen-age boys who took part in their radiation experiments ‘the Fernald Science Club.’”  The children were fed Quaker Oats breakfast cereal containing radioactive tracers to test absorption of plant minerals and calcium. Parents were never informed that radioactive elements were involved in the tests. Details of the research effort, funded partly by Quaker Oats Co. and the US Atomic Energy Commission Read more

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