Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Johnson County parents sue over vaccine requirement, compare it to military draft


A Johnson County lawyer and his wife — who have never vaccinated their 4-year-old son — are suing Blue Valley schools and state officials, calling Kansas’ immunization requirements unconstitutional and archaic.

Linus and Terri Baker had previously sued the Kansas Department of Children and Families, which in 2017 had notified them it would vaccinate the boy against their wishes. That never happened.

Last year, a federal judge dismissed all claims. Now that the boy is approaching school age, the family is trying again. Read more

In 2017, a Johnson County couple who were foster parents to their grandson say Kansas is rushing to immunize their grandson over their religious and health concerns. Video by Jill Toyoshiba and Tony Rizzo. BY JILL TOYOSHIBA


2 thoughts on “Johnson County parents sue over vaccine requirement, compare it to military draft

  1. They need to home school anyway – the communist core education of UN agenda 21
    FEMA regionalism and the education that your child will get based on predetermined jobs for that region
    Not to mention the wifi and the laptops in the schools is contributing to their overall poor health
    Laptops designed to aim the wifi directly at the reproductive organs of the person using them especially children
    The global elite do not believe that the deplorable useless eaters on this planet should have children
    I would bet that the child when born had two vaccines without the grandparents even knowing it
    At birth every child is given two vaccines within an hour after birth
    Vitamin K which is a blood clotting agent – now why would the medical industry want to inject you newborn baby with Vitamin K
    Next up is vaccine for Hep B – again why does a baby need an injection for hep B – can anyone tell me what hep b is, who came up with the disease and defined what it is and how it is to be treated, the AMA, Rockefeller American Murder Association
    I believe the vitamin K shot is what is causing autism, the shot is causing blood clotting in the brain? JMO

    1. Let’s not forget the Flu and DTaP recommended in pregnancy.
      Vit K and HepB at birth.
      So the baby, at first day of life has 26 mcg mercury and 1225 mcg aluminum.
      Aluminum in IV 25 mcg per liter
      Children up to 29 pounds have less than 1 liter of blood
      Heavy metal poisoning
      Thanks for your comments!

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