RFK Jr. Vaccine Makers are Serial Felons

Aug 14 2019 – RFK Jr. JD,  Albany NY after presenting case on the repeal of NY religious exemption.

“All four of the companies who make the 72 vaccines, that are mandated for our children are all convicted criminals, serial felons. In the last 10 years those four companies have paid $35 billion in penalties, fines and damages for breaking the law, defrauding science – regulators, falsifying science and for killing 10,000’s of people. Merck alone with one drug Vioxx, which was sold as a headache remedy, killed 500,000 people in this country and they knew it was going to kill them.  It requires a kind of cognitive dissonance for us to believe and these democratic legislators to believe the same company that are violating the law and giving us bad drugs and all their pharmaceutical – medical products, have somehow found Jesus when it comes to vaccines.”

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