Hurricane Dorian – Media Hype – Fake News

Hurricane Dorian eye 34 mph at of 11:38 CST

Earth Null School shows winds at the eye 34 mph at of 11:38 CST. Click on the speed to change from km/hour to miles/hour.,32.19,876/loc=-73.349,25.902 


Weather Channel Hurricane Dorian Is Slowing Down, Strengthening; Growing Threat For Georgia, the Carolinas But Florida Still at Risk 

Dorian is a Category 4 major hurricane moving through the western Atlantic Ocean.


12 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian – Media Hype – Fake News

  1. Who is Null School? There is no information about this site or where the data are coming from. I checked and their yourtube channel. That’s all I have access to.

  2. Windspeed on NOAA bouys on the water show 34 knots… about 45 mph… and that is near the eye. So this is a completely fake hurricane.

    1. Windspeed on NOAA bouys on the water show 34 knots… about 45 mph… and that is near the eye. So this is a completely fake hurricane. Here is the website you can check for yourself. Simply zoom in near Florida and you’ll see the eye of the hurricane in red with yellow markers for the bouys. You can even click on “all bouys near the hurricane” and see windspeeds from 20 to 40 knots… nowhere near what MSM tv is saying right now– 150 mph. Also you can search for InTruthbyGrace on youtube for previous analyses of hurricane fakery. She did a good job. All this being said, it may very well be that they plan to flood Florida’s coast– it’s always the flooding that seems to be the disaster that wrecks certain areas… not the wind storm– a non-existent CGI fake thing to pretend to explain the reason for the flooding. There may be a real storm but the loading of the atmosphere with water vapor takes place according to analysis– and water-bombing takes place in a moderate thunderstorm, blamed on a fake hurricane. I know this seems far fetched but I’ve looked at several cases of this now- Puerto Rico’s flooding after their last hurricane a year ago was the result of this convoluted geoengineering. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t stopped this crazy stuff. I thought he would.

      1. That makes sense. They’re really going crazy with HAARP too, even the thunder seems different, it’s weird, more “loud” if you can imagine, or a different sound than it used to be before they started screwing with the weather. More like an explosion than usual thunder. And this torrential downpours, they did that sort of thing allegedly in Vietnam using (?) to dump 2 feet of rain on the North Vietnamese. Almost like Kissinger et al were using it to experiment for the future weather wars.

    2. FAKE NEWS to ruin Florida’s Labor Day weekend businesses and activities…scare the sheeple.

      1. I thought it was weird this time, usually when they’re going to have hurricanes in Florida or the East coast, we get days and days of rain rain rain. But looking at the weather forecast (extended), it’s saying partly cloudy and no rain the rest of the week. Plus I thought it odd that they were planning on steering the hurricane straight up Florida again.
        HAARP needs to be DISMANTLED! ALL OF THEM.

        Btw, I loved the photos of the cats, ha ha ha!! Awesome! ; D

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