California – Press Conference – Requests Department of Justice Investigation

RED ALERT CALIFORNIA - Autism to Become PTSD - Blame Parents get CPS Involved

Senate Bill 276, which would restrict vaccine medical exemptions

Highlights – With regard to unauthorized release of minor children’s medical records – violation of Federal & State Laws. In Connection with Actions Relating to SB 277 and 276. Parents of disabled, medically compromised children were called ‘Wack Jobs.’ A conspiracy to go after private medical records. Smoke out physicians writing medical exemptions.  Hate speech against a Federally protected group of disabled children.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Advocates for Physicians’ Rights today announced a press conference to discuss its request for a federal investigation of actions taken in connection with SB 276 & SB 277.

Ms. Dundas, litigation attorney,  will discuss facts recently uncovered which have caused AFPR to ask for a federal investigation into actions surrounding the above bills. She will discuss the amendments proposed by the Governor’s Office, and release additional audio files indicating California physicians’ offices were unwilling to write medical exemptions even before passage of SB 276, and have been denying care to children who have suffered vaccine reactions listed under the CDC guidelines.

Advocates for Physicians’ Rights is a non-profit California corporation engaged in lobbying and advocacy work which is committed to ensuring that the scope of practice of licensed physicians in California is safeguarded, and that the sanctity and confidentiality of the doctor-patient relationship is preserved.

Who: ​Leigh Dundas, litigation attorney now active in human rights efforts, working with Advocates for Physicians’ Rights.

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