Science Paper on Aerosol Spraying Rejected Due to Lack of Interest

Marvin Herndon nuclear geophysicist on the corruption in science!

Concerted efforts to deceive the medical community and citizens of the public health risks of the aerial spraying by lying, coercing, and pressuring editors and journal personnel to retract peer-reviewed and published public health scientific articles (click here).

How can a non-scientist understand the aerial spraying and its consequences, particularly on health? One way is to listen to and view the scientifically-correct music videos whose lyrics were written by J. Marvin Herndon. (click here)

What are they spraying into the air we breathe? Forensic scientific investigations are consistent with coal fly ash the toxic waste product of buring coal being the main substance sprayed into the air we breathe (click here).

How do particles sprayed into the air affect the weather? Persistent aerial spraying of particulate matter into the regions where clouds form (1) inhibits rainfall to the point of massive downpours, the so-called “drought or deluge” effect, (2) heats the atmosphere, (3) retards heat loss from the Earth, and (4) upon falling to earth, absorbs sunlight. In short, the aerial spraying destroys the natural weather cycle, contaminates Earth’s biosphere, and causes global warming — consequences falsely blamed on fossil fuel burning. Read more

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