Overview of Bahamas Hurricane Dorian

Mass graves in Abaco

News4Jax reporter Vic Micolucci spent 96 hours on the ground with relief crews in the hardest-hit areas of the Bahamas. Admin comment – new building regulations will make rebuilding impossible.


Hundreds died on Abaco https://thenassauguardian.com/2019/09/12/ingraham-hundreds-died-on-abaco/

Business as usual –  Posted on September 25 2019  Carnival Is Planning Two Major New Cruise Projects in The Bahamas – Carnival Corporation is undertaking a major investment in The Bahamas, with plans for two major new cruise developments in the country that could mean $180 million in new investment.     https://www.caribjournal.com/2019/09/25/carnival-cruise-bahamas/


Mass graves in Abaco – On Abaco, the recovery of bodies that were left in the heat for more than eight days has begun. Thousands of corpses are being buried – reports of dogs  eating rotting human flesh for food.

People swept out to sea – have to wait for 7 years to have them confirmed as dead to collect on insurance…
It will cost govt over $110 mil. to restore power and running water to Abaco https://thenassauguardian.com/2019/09/28/it-will-cost-govt-over-110-mil-to-restore-power-and-running-water-to-abaco/

Senate Hearing US Military Will Use Weather as a Weapon to Cause Food Shortages.

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3 thoughts on “Overview of Bahamas Hurricane Dorian

    1. The progenitors of Dorian were well aware of their objective to create “The” New World Bahamas. The storm was created, led and tweaked to deaths perfection by a mercenary military industrial complex bent on exercising it’s muscle at the expense of all that is good, right and just.

      It’s one thing to do this type of thing to a mortal enemy, but family, friends, coworkers? Must make them feel pretty sleasy to have to go to this extreme to satisfy their blood thirsty god!

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