California to Jail Homeless

 October 4, 2019 – Instead of addressing the actual problem of homeless people in the city by helping them, the city is choosing to start arresting them, ensuring a massive future problem.  Great business plan for privately funded prisons – who lobby  and pass laws – for more business.

Throwing people in jail on drug charges? That’s Bakersfield’s idea to fight homelessness

California to “Solve” Homeless Problem by Throwing Homeless People in Prison

2 thoughts on “California to Jail Homeless

  1. This is how CA will make more money by jailing the homeless the feeds SERCO via the federal bureau of prison money and the STATE controllers..

  2. So many pathetic spoiled brats commented on the fox news channel cutting down the homeless. They did not choose to be homeless, hoards of alien migrants took most of the government jobs and fixed it to where most white Americans were forced into homelessness. Corrupt bankers raised usury rates and greedy realtors caused the cost of homes to be overpriced. SSI does not pay enough for the elderly & disabled to be able to even afford an apartment, much less a house. In the next 10 years many elderly & disabled white people without a family supporting them will be homeless. If a white tries to file discrimination the dark races working in government offices will make sure it goes no where, I am not being racist, this is the factual truth.

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