Minnesota State Reps Use Shocking Truths In Big Pharma Skit

Big pHarma damaging and killing your kids for profit

Minnesota Republican state Reps. Eric Lucero (Dayton) and Mary Franson (Alexandria) make a dynamic duo on their regular web series, The RIGHT View.

During their recent episode they spotlighted special guest Big Pharma who volunteers to answer a series of clarifying questions regarding the pharmaceutical industry.

Edited video below from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

Minnesota Lawmakers Resolutions Ask Congress To Restore Manufacturers’ Liability for Defective Vaccines  – Vaccines – an Uninsurable Risk
Minnesota Vaccine Attorney at press conference . Vaccine court attorney Randy Knutson states – ‘If you child loses eye contact or can’t speak after vaccines – this is autism and not covered by the vaccine court’. The parents and the State bears the financial burden.
Sen. Jim Abeler, chief author of SF2781, noted the large number of vaccine injury claims filed – and “how tortuous the route is to actually get a claim resolved” after an injury or death. And he questioned public health officials’ definition of “safe” – which differs from Webster’s Dictionary“We’re in a world where the Department of Health calls them ‘exceedingly safe’ – I think that nothing is further from the truth.”

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