Weather Wars Documentary Promo

Scott Stevens –   I figured that it is about time that I present this weather wars story with that television news storytelling treatment. Enjoy the piece, its three minutes long… the score is from the group Snow Patrol and their 2004 release “Final Straw”. The song is titled ‘Chocolate’ and is the title track for the disc. –Scott Stevens


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5 thoughts on “Weather Wars Documentary Promo

  1. We’re all in the same dilemma , just don’t know . Fact is , we’re not supposed to know , and since 1998 when my first sight of a Jet spewing out swooping white powder for miles across the blue sky , i felt myself sink with fright , my first thought was , does the Air Controllers know , i even called the Highway Patrol . So, every day i have to look up and see the lines across the sky and ignore it completely . My conclusion as of today 2019 is that , Globalists in Manhattan are Partners with our government to make a new Economic Structure for North America and most of the Westernized World , Regional Mega Cities Project ” , and these Weather Movers will help to force all Humans into these Regions . And it seems to be working for them too , slow but proving to be successful for the CFR Multinational Corporations .

    1. Know what you mean. All the fear porn for Y2K, the NY 2001 event (purpose of instituting DHS and TSA bureaucracies) and Mayan calendars indicating everything would end in 2012.
      Now the climate change fear porn. Thanks for your comments!

      1. The latter video (above), I don’t quite understand all, but she’s saying all those she mentioning are agents? Well, I can certainly agree with Dane Wigington as I’ve been saying and I’d understand a few others. Like when Scott showed up in the scene, I noticed him being a good looking, and that’s usually one of the characteristics of agents. LOL

        Anyhow, I found that he is in Puerto Rico
        reminds me of Michael… what was his name? the former police guy who said that someone (Sorry can’t remember the name but some journalist) killed himself when he had more than 2 shots in his brain… that Michael whoever, who because famous by his activity for 9/11 truth, moved to somewhere, like South America or so, but eventually got killed (my assumption from the date of his death).

        And yet, Scott’s article is the one which told me about Russia using chemtrails after Chernobyl, to save Moscow.

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