California – LA Gas Prices Spike Above $5 – Bankrupt PG&E Helicopters Equipped with LiDAR

by Tyler DurdenMillions of Californians may have just suffered an unprecedented, induced blackout by the state’s largest (and bankrupt) utility, PG&E, just so it isn’t blamed for starting even more fires causing it to go even more bankrupt… but at least the price of gas is soaring.

According to Fox5NY, citing figures from AAA and the Oil Price Information Service, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in Los Angeles County was $4.25 on Wednesday, 4.5 cents higher than one week ago, 57.6 cents more than one month ago and 37.1 cents greater than one year ago. It has also risen 86.4 cents since the start of the year. What is more troubling is that as California gas prices reached the highest level in the state since 2015, some Los Angeles area gas stations are charging more than $5 a gallon.

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Ongoing mass surveillance with PG&E helicopters equipment with LiDAR radar – for ‘your safety’. Read more

2 thoughts on “California – LA Gas Prices Spike Above $5 – Bankrupt PG&E Helicopters Equipped with LiDAR

  1. Instead of keeping Los Angeles County free of insane massive growth through the decades , Civil Service Retirements and Greedy Developers has turned a once “half agricultural” , and respected , beautiful part of the West , into a dangerous , unsustainable , ugly mass of filth and waste . No restrictions or codes to control the ” Roof Top ” madness , everything has been Paved over and the whole County is mostly Zoned ” Residential ” . Ronald Reagan’s ” Crown Jewel of Multicultural Crowds all huddled behind ” Steering Wheels ” . Now , the UN has taken control , signed in by four Presidents , the Automobile will be phase out , Public Transportation taking it’s place , unless you really are important , Electric Vehicles might be allowed in some areas . This Plan for California by the rest of the World won’t happen overnight , but it is moving along faster . $5.00 a Gallon Gasoline is part of the elimination of Private Transportation , but one thing they hadn’t included in the master plan is the Earthquake that’s going to level Los Angeles , after that happens , the Indigenous Peoples will have their land back , million’s of them ! just like they wanted , No Water , No Food , No Roads , No Electricity , and No Columbus Day !

    1. Trains phased out and replaced by private transport – now private transport to be replaced by trains….Insanity and greed.

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