Earthquakes happening right where storm is starting to rotate

Mark Lewis – Storm goes straight to where the quakes happened yesterday and starts to rotate like a hurricane/low pressure. Gonna mix the moisture with the cold and create some nasty conditions for someone. More rain being generated down by Mexico and Gulf area added to the mix.

Quakes happened 10-15-19, yesterday, and storm goes to exact location and starts to rotate.

These quakes do not show up on USGS and US quakes don’t show up on Canada.

None of these are listed on USGS, wonder why? If you look at the Canada map and the USGS map together you will start to see patterns in the storms and quakes.

2 thoughts on “Earthquakes happening right where storm is starting to rotate

  1. Just read an article on Stormquakes that basically Confirms this article which when coupled with Weather Modification or is it Warfare – seems to indicate that Larger forces are at work – All to the Detriment of Living Human Beings & Wildlife.

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