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Dutch farmers clog highways in protest at politicians labeling them climate change problem

Scenes From The Aftermath Of Mexico’s Devastating Earthquake

The Dangers Of Transgenic Mosquitos …Scientific Study Under Attack

Nurses Can Smell Infections

Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers Seeing ‘Massive Crop Losses…As Devastating As We’ve Ever Seen”


Spooks Turned Spox: US Media Now Filled With Former Intelligence Agents


Professor Fired For Disputing Global Warming…Wins $800,000 In Lawsuit

Climate Change Is Weather Wars

Weather – Weapon Of War

Vax Injury Ratio – One For Every 39 Administered

Children Taken From Parents Who Refuse Vit K Shot

Madness – KS Girl, 13, Charged With Felony For Making ‘Gun-Like’ Hand Gesture Toward Classmates


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  1. The medical mafia talked us into a vitamin K shot, and our baby soon after got jaundice! They also fail to mention what else is in the (synthetic) vitamin K shot. It can also cause brain damage that is misdiagnosed as “shaken baby syndrome”, there have been people jailed for that, and it was due to the shot.
    Do a home birth instead, it’s much less “risky” and there is also the danger of having your baby’s eyesight injured with the silver nitrate or antibiotics they spray routinely in infants eyes “just in case” the mother has gonorrhea.

    Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD talked about this in the 1980’s with his book, “How to raise a healthy child, IN SPITE of your doctor”, another gem was “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”. He knew of what he spoke.

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