Selective Burns Homes reduced to ash  – Trees OK. I post you decide.

The devastation and destruction . California Fires 2017 Bella Vista Way


1 thought on “California Fires Directed Energy Weapons

  1. Beale Air Force Base has Global Hawk Drones and supposedly able to pin point targets at 90k feet with on – board Laser . Beale AFB is in North California too . There is also a NGO in Manhattan NYC that has implemented an Agenda for a new economic system for America , the Regional Planning Association of America ” , this got it’s life force from Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden , You can see their plan at ” America 2050 Map “. If these two are partnered , the Air Force and the RPA , together they can force Rural and Small town Citizens into these Regional Areas . I believe the 20 years of Chemtrails is a Tool used by the ” Weather Movers ” and the fallout covers everything and turns it to explosive ignition . Maybe i’m wrong , but the silence so long has invented suspicion among many .

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