Lost Arts Radio Show #254 – Special Guest Rex Bear

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Founder Of “The Leak Project” – A Personal Visit With Rex Bear

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/3/19

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Rex Bear

The Leak Project, a very successful YouTube Channel with a huge amount of fascinating content (https://www.youtube.com/user/ClandestineTimelord) was created by Rex Bear. Since I had the pleasure of being on Rex’s show discussing subjects from Thoth to spiritual issues, to health and current world events (https://youtu.be/NaFwKMA5_vo), people have been asking me ‘who is Rex Bear’, what is his background, and how to he create such a fascinating show covering many subjects never mentioned on more conventional channels.

I knew Rex only from my one appearance on his show, so I thought, why not do a whole show on Lost Arts Radio, where we find out in much more depth who is Rex Bear. I suggested this to Rex, and he kindly agreed to join us, and expose in more detail who he really is. You’ll get to meet an amazing man, the creator behind the scenes at The Leak Project, and my plan is to bring up as many intriguing, outside the box topics as we have time to cover. When we’re done, you’ll have a whole new appreciation of The Leak Project, and where it’s really coming from. The main website for the show is www.leakproject.com. Take a look at it, and you’ll understand why I expect this Sunday’s presentation to be extraordinary. Also see www.tinfoilcap.co.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Arts Radio Show #254 – Special Guest Rex Bear

  1. The humans helping with the destruction of this planet are simply deceived with the jobs they have require complete military like duty. The fact is demons and minions of evil are working overtime knowing time is short , doing their very best to hurt any and all God’s creation , especially human souls. I like Rex , I think his heart is in the right place , however he seems to have bitten the carrot Satan likes to dangle. By no means am I knocking his intelligence , but the Bible is more relevant than ever with the current transformation of the world right before our eyes. Satan is all over media , movies , music and popular culture , blatantly flaunting his perversion in those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures. When he speaks of the old stories written before the Bible , he must realize , Satan and his angels were here on this Earth knowing what fate awaits them. The gods are the fallen ones and offspring. I’ve read what he speaks , it proves nothing . Having a personal relationship with Christ will be the only way to find truth. He is truth , the way and the life. Hardly ever hear of someone who loves Enki or Enlil . Nor Ra or Isis . Zeus or any Greek nor Roman little g gods. The game plan of Satan is to distract , confuse , mislead and separate the people from Abba Father and His Son our Savior ,that we be with him , by not choosing our Holy destiny. If Rex wants to know if God in the Bible is THE GOD , start learning demonic symbolism and witness its Glory over our airwaves and print. The rainbow parades , the murdering of Christians in the World , CERN opening and agenda , abortions history and usage of the innocent. I could go on and on but the time God has allowed Satan to reveal himself to fulfill prophesy is close , and one would have to be blind to not see it. Most Americans are clueless and could care less about the Good News and will stay lost as Jesus said . All the manipulation of weather , lawlessness , increase of natural disasters , calling evil good and good evil , changing of DNA , human cloning , A.I. combining with quantum computing creating human gods , so they want , is all part of the plan . One World under Satan , New World Order . The Bible Rex , it’s all there.

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