Chemtrails – Geoengineering Controlled Media & History MUST SEE

Viral Chemtrail Lecture

Matt Landman presentation in Portland. Important up-to-date information on Chemtrails / Geoengineering!   Greetings Everyone. We are off to a GREAT start!! Thanks so much to those who have contributed and shared the crowd fund thus far! Please continue to share it around if you can!  Help Matt make his next film:

Since the creation and release of FrankenSkies in June of 2017, much development has occurred in the realm of aerosol injections / Chemtrails / Geoengineering / Weather Engineering. Most importantly on a global scale, and in desperate need of much exposure, is the media normalization, social engineering and official public deployment of Geoengineering as a solution to Climate Change.

Also, of immense importance is the wildfire debacle especially in California. With engineered wind storms designed to intensify fires and the spraying of patented fire accelerants on forests during and prior to fires, much scrutiny, transparency and awareness is necessary on this ever developing topic. Not to mention, WE CAN MAKE IT RAIN ON FOREST FIRES. Also with drought caused by engineered climates and storms created to cause harm, the weather engineers must be exposed and this documentary film will strive to be that catalyst for awareness.

4 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Geoengineering Controlled Media & History MUST SEE

  1. Chemtrails heavy in north dallas last few days hence the temperature drop
    Check out climate stock exchanges they got set up all over the world for the crooks to make trillions on the CO2 scam they got going on a world wide level
    It’s their green new deal of selling wind and solar (while they block out the sun)
    UN agenda

    Check out who started the World Wildlife Fund – same people and part of the wildlands project – chipping and putting cameras on all the animals for tracking

    Their next move is cashless society and chipping their human chattle property – that is what paying with your phone and cryptocurrency is all about

    Culling the useless eaters – chemtrails

    Their published DEPOPULATION agenda presented to the President of the US CORPORATION

    Hence their push now to Save Mother Earth – babylonian bullshit = their 1941 plans for communist control

    Did you know that all the mayors have signed a global climate change covenant

    And so has the Pope or? –

    Hmm I wonder how they know all of this and stand to make trillions of dollars through the IPCC


    FYI, IBM is part of the weather industrial complex

    Check out SOLAREN CORP


    Check out alcoa and see how they are disposing of their hazardous waste without paying a fee for proper disposal – you guessed it same way they dispose of flouride they sell that to your city and they put that hazardous chemical in your water supply because how about that it’s good for your teeth

    Vaccines and global depopulation, the gates foundation

  2. Thumbs up for Shelby! I couldn’t click the like without an account, hence my comment.

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