“Quantum Computers Are Driving Global Weather Weaponization + Geoengineering Programs – Doug Diamond with Special Guest Anthony Patch – The Diamond Report 11/12/19”


Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones




2 thoughts on “Quantum Computers Are Driving Global Geoengineering Programs – Doug Diamond w/ Anthony Patch

  1. Oh , i get it , So the ” Weather Movers ” do a Model Up in a request , say from the CFR , CIA , or RPA , and direct the Chemtrail’ers to a certain region so the HAARP can bubble the incoming moisture around a target , like continuing the California Drought and saturating everything with Aluminum , or applying the same to regions in the middle East to kill off agriculture and relocate millions of people into Europe . Do i have it correct ? Yeah , great Technology ! And it’s all being done by NGO’s with Billions to play around with .

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