Trump – Executive Order: Faster Deployment Of Flu Vaccines

By Rosanne LindsayNaturopath

There is a new Task Force in town! The National Influenza Vaccine Task Force!

On September 20, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order to establish an interagency task force to improve flu vaccines. This new Force is tasked with finding new and faster ways to deploy the influenza vaccine, specifically, to “increase influenza vaccine use through enhanced communication and by removing barriers to vaccination.”

Past Use of Aerosolized Drugs

Could this Task Force aerosolize vaccines for faster delivery? Only the Task Force would be able to decide that. Aerosolized particulates have been utilized by governments and private companies to control the climate by inhibiting or enhancing rain. Why not aerosolized drugs to control infectious diseases?


And for all who thought Republicans were on the side of  health freedom – Republican President Ronald Reagan started this vaccine mess in 1986 when bankrupted vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from civil lawsuits – no trial by jury

See the vaccine court corruption:

Dr. John Bergman Vaccine Court – $1 trillion Death & Injury Claims in 2015 – Criminal Operation

1 thought on “Trump – Executive Order: Faster Deployment Of Flu Vaccines

  1. I have this idiot on my BCC list, whom I’m about to delete off the list, telling me that Trump is a man of justice and on our side, and that disinfo site called WhatDoesItMean is a very informative site from a nun called Sorcha Faal. I’m sick of such fools, who can’t see that they’re lied to, and never listen to what I say. And yet, this idiot is an organizer of a group of truth seekers…

    Sorry to say but more men are like that then women.
    Their MAN’s ego and pride blocks their eyes and ears cause they don’t want to admit that they’re fooled, cause that would make them look SO stupid.

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