Deborah Tavares Operation Torch and California Residents Leave the State

Rothschild-Operated PG&E: CEO Resigns, Company to File Bankruptcy Due to California Wildfire Liabilities

New World Order Globalist Cabal Throws More Fuel On The California Wildfires

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State of the Nation – Geoengineered California Firestorms Triggered by Deliberate Acts of Pyro-Terrorism (Videos)

As expected and predicted by SOTN, the California Fall wildfire season was “exploded” with geoengineering precision and pinpoint arson attacks.

For those uninitiated in the convoluted workings of the complex criminal conspiracy behind these intentional acts of pyro-terrorism, the following exposé provides the necessary background and history.

California Fires - Anomaly - Looks Like Rocket Launch That Quickly Spread Fires
Mike Morales captures the explosion – see post

Mike Morales video backup documentation of explosion:

CA POWER SHUTDOWN: “First they predict the fires, then turn off the power, then start the fires, next they spread the fires….”

Joseph Vice –  I vent for 20 minutes about my home state…..California is such a sinking ship.

Golden Gate Bridge Is Rust Covered $7 one way fee to use bridge.

5 thoughts on “Deborah Tavares Operation Torch and California Residents Leave the State

  1. California is Dying Video : If you are thinking of leaving the State , the problems your having are everywhere ! any city or large town through out the country is ran by the same Leftist Trash , The UN Agenda , the ” Regional Planning Association of America ” , Open Borders Advocates , it’s everywhere , Maybe you can move your family inland in California , at least try that for awhile ! We need Citizens like you to stay home !

  2. The speaker made some really good points but did not mention the horrible new vaccine law that will force vaccines on all children who want to go to school. Honest research shows that 54% of our young people have chronic or serious illnesses, mostly because of vaccines. Unbelievably, instead of relaxing the vaccine laws, California has doubled down and made it worse, which goes hand in hand with more autism, more retardation, more ADHD, more allergies, more illness, and more death.

  3. Can we get more information about the photograph at the top of the page? Date? Location? I don’t want to make any assumptions.

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