Chemtrails Spraying “SPARKLER DUST” as Method of Global Arson

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Illustration by David Dees

Post from thecrowhouse Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia

11 thoughts on “Chemtrails Spraying “SPARKLER DUST” as Method of Global Arson

    1. Wonder if you ever travel the world and if so HOW, Plane, Ship or another mode of transport.

  1. What we are seeing over in Australia on such a massive scale, is what appears to be the deliberate act of fire to reach far and wide.
    Just recently a great bloke in Australia, who has many, many videos on many topics, did a video and in there he has also highlighted a video i did not so long ago. Few years back, i did a similar video, South Canterbury Sky Watch – “Burning Skies” but this time i went a little further and soaked the “AO” and wow was my first thought. I know how flammable this ingredient can get, but was amazed, after soaked in water, then evaporated, it had no effect on dulling down the dust i was using. Which just goes to show, from satellite imagery, one photo taken at one particular second of the day, some show aerosols and one of the best images i found after scrolling though day by day was the 16th April 2016.
    Now, even though it is now 2020, but 2019 when these fires started in New South Wales… and oddly enough, the image that i show, is the area that seemed to be first on the “hit list” for incineration. But days on, flights on, what people need to think about is the word accumulation. Everything that goes up, must come down and problem with this stuff, it is next to invisible but it comes down, covers everything from ground up and rain over the year doesnt kill it off, just soaks it further into ground, trees etc etc everything. So once ignition takes place, its on, “Roman Candle cities and towns.
    Only last year i did a couple videos on the fires that happened here on the south island of New Zealand. Nelson was the area and the interesting thing for this area, it is in a very busy flight path, from the North Island airports e.g. Auckland and these trails fly high over the Cook Strait (the stretch of water between the two islands) and ever so slowly, down it comes, sprinkler dust just being laid, waiting for the right time to excite.
    One thing that doesnt matter where you are on the globe, but when these fires, and there’s monster loads happening all over, media are always quick to point the finger at an arsonist. Those people do need to be removed from society but, how about a mention of the persons behind the “laying down of an accelerant”? The airliners using their aircraft to prep the land in order for fire to take hold at a later stage?
    I think coming soon, from Canterbury and up the south island, we may see it being our turn to fight fire. Fingers crossed this doesnt happen, but finger crossing doesn’t have the power to absolutely dissolve, remove this incendiary dust from the land.
    This video link will get you to my experiment video
    This video is the great man, from “The Crowhouse”, speaking on the massive problems facing his country.

  2. And to clear land and kill farms Australian government has emptied a dam into the ocean!when we are in drought conditions

    1. > dam into the ocean

      I thought they’re using that water for fracking.
      Either way, they are traitorous fraudulent criminals to begin with
      so we’ve gotta keep doing our best to wake up more.

      Nowadays, I added another sign on my car that says “Wake up or DIE!”
      I’m sure many won’t like it but they are absolutely under coma, so
      we’ve gotta shock them and shake them.

      Also, as I wrote on my blog:

      I just heard that they set fires in the U.S. where they want to build bullet train systems, and over here in Australia, where they want to build a power station with gas…
      (end of copy and paste)

      but I’m not sure… gotta check the location and their plan but I don’t know well
      about Australian towns’ names etc.

      Does anyone know above?

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