Aquatrails – New Chemtrails – Spraying Reflective Particulates Over Oceans

Chemtrails were first spotted in our skies. Now governments launch new toxic aquatrails in the oceans. Read more

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2 thoughts on “Aquatrails – New Chemtrails – Spraying Reflective Particulates Over Oceans

  1. Are they trying to acidify and poison the oceans too? Green moss, lichens and green slime is growing all over the place like it never did 40 plus years ago.

  2. A neighbor in California, said he had a friend that was a chemtrail pilot. Paid quite handsomely for his part in this diabolical plan. The pilot made sure his family did not go outside on days he, or others were scheduled to spray. He was very much aware of contents in the toxic cocktail used for chemtrail sprays. Told my neighbor first thing he did upon his return home was to shower very well. There is an article and video of a doctor that had many patients that piloted these chemtrail planes. He confirmed the contents of these sprays and also discussed the effects on the pilot’s health. Poetic justice in a nutshell.

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