The Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

North America has not had ’normal’ weather since 1976. Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Tom Bearden

Read how the future of humanity has been hi-jacked for more than 50 years by the weaponization of scalar electromagnetics and how the Western scientific community has been blind-sided by dogmatic adherence to 1867 electrical theory.


Listen to this compelling interview from insider, AC Griffith, as he discusses the military use of the covert aerosol program we know as chemtrails. I have also added stunning new video and still captures of the most recent activity here in the Dallas area. It is time to stop being in denial about this massive program. Be fearless and spread the word or we all will all suffer the consequences of non-action.

Text of interview: AC_Griffiin_talks_about_chemtrails

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12 thoughts on “The Purpose of Chemtrails with AC Griffith

  1. I am ready and willing i say start with removing governors and colorado is head of this beast i live outside and extremely affected by these chemtrails now they are using differrent chemicals! Why is US GOVERNMENT FUNDING THIS

    1. Seems as if this is part of Global Warming – Now Climate Change scam (they change the weather and it’s your fault). The Great Global Warming Swindle – Biggest Scam Ever – carbon tax – Trillions in taxes for every breath you exhale – carbon dioxide – YOUR CARBON FOOT PRINT according to the TV.
      Al Gore made millions with cap and trade carbon scam (said sea level would rise) – Obama illegally diverted US funds of $5 billion to this agenda.
      Now that Gore and Obama profited from this scam, both have ocean front homes…. Covert project – no one is accountable.
      The Feds control the airspace about you.
      As someone said ‘Don’t concentrate on the chemtrails and live your life.’
      Go to your happy space and don’t let this consume you. What ever happens, happens, there is nuttin we can do. Live your life to it’s fullest.
      That is what I do….although there is nothing we can do. I like to know what is going on.
      Hang in there Troy – things will change!
      Thanks for your comments, Rusty

    2. Troy, the gov’t is controlled by the evils that control the entire world.

      I’m no fan of the gov’t & am actually an anarchist that believes in freedom & only the rule of Natural Law. The evils wouldn’t be able to do even half of what they do to us if it weren’t for gov’ts controlling us.

      They pave the way so only criminals get into office within the gov’t & those criminals are the ones doing this to us.

      Anyone who isn’t a psychopath & gets into office finds out pretty quickly that they will be run out of town, they can’t change anything, they are discredited, threatened, blackmailed or can even be killed.

      This has been going on for centuries. Not the chemtrails specifically, but the poisoning of us. That’s what the industrial revolutions were all about. There’s nothing healthy at all about all the toxic manufacturing plants that everyone loves due to their slave jobs.

      They have several plans to take us out (always have) & this is just one of them.

      Anyone who supports the gov’t is part of the problem.

      Lastly, the US isn’t a country, it’s a corporation (I’m still studying this as it’s very complex). We are slaves to the corporation which is owned by the monarchy in Britain.

      I just found out last week that France owns Tx.

      Each state is its own country.

        1. @Aus – Yes, the gov’ts are companies too, but 90% of everyone doesn’t know that, & the gov’ts have way more power than your typical corporation.

          The evils are part of the illuminati, so yes they own tons of companies worldwide, but one can’t blame ALL companies for what these evils are doing.

          I’m not a fan of crony capitalism or capitalism in general even though I’m an entrepreneur at heart, but communism was used against us as well, so there needs to be a happy medium. A free market AND everyone working together for the good of themselves & all, since we are all connected.

          I don’t believe in ANY authority, even if the gov’t wasn’t a corporation.

          Only people who are insecure & have bought into the BS that they can’t govern themselves want gov’t & believe that authority is better than they are.

          Religion started the indoctrination & then brainwashed everyone from then onward.

          Doesn’t matter if you are a parent, teacher, clergy, monarchy, star (sports or entertainment), or a m/billionare, they are NO better than anyone else, BUT 90% of all humans think they are & there in lies the problem.

          UNTIL people start working on their childhood issues & remove themselves from the cult (gov’t & religion) & learn about spirituality & the occult which teaches you the power you really have (they have been hiding that info from us for thousands of years), nothing will ever change.

          And this is why nothing will change b/c people do NOT want to work on their shit & can’t even conceptualize that they have power.

          Sorry AUS is going thru this hell. When I first heard of the fires, my heart bled for you.


  2. Just before that whopper of an earthquake shook Haiti in 2010, I was awake about 1 or 2 AM. We didn’t have blinds on the windows and I was talking to someone, when we saw some really bright flashes of light all across the sky. Soon after we got hit with 2 feet of snow, around the same time of the Haitian earthquake. HAARP anyone?

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