Vaccines are religion, not science (and why that’s so important)

The belief in vaccines comes in two parts: safety and efficacy. Let’s first look at the science that proves efficacy (spoiler alert: there is none). Vaccines are made by the pharmaceutical industry and this industry has a lot of tricks to make their products look better than they are. One cherished concept is the “surrogate endpoint”. They make up a theory, e.g. “cholesterol causes heart attacks”. Then they make a drug that lowers cholesterol and then that drug is promoted as preventing heart attacks, even when it does no such thing. It only lowers cholesterol. The same principle is used with vaccines, but then the surrogate endpoint is antibodies. If a vaccine produces enough antibodies (a totally random number) in enough people the vaccine is considered effective. But it has been known for some 100 years that antibodies do not equal immunity. Of course the people think that efficacy means that the vaccine prevents the disease, but that’s just not true. There is no scientific proof whatsoever that vaccines prevent disease. Read more

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T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. I sued the State of California to stop its mandatory vaccine law. Sadly, not one news outlet would cover the lawsuit, not even the alternative press (because pharma controls all ad revenue). And, before the lawsuit ended, my clients “flipped” on me — i.e., I suddenly realized my clients were pharma hoes in disguise. I made a motion to be relieved as attorney of record. The case then concluded and it created negative precedent. If I ever again sue to stop this oppressive mandate, I’ll use your theory. 🙂 Read the case here

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6 thoughts on “Vaccines are religion, not science (and why that’s so important)

  1. Rusty, or anybody reading this,
    If you have an opportunity to show one video/documentary (preferably not so long) to a determined anti-vaxx denier, which one will you pick?

    1. This is for a guy my daughter knows, who don’t even see the LIE in that ‘herd immunity’ theory (or rather, story)… How come are so many people are DUMB and BRAINLESS!?? Yeah, of course, thanks to their Dumbing Down the World.

      1. Common sense, can’t make a germ in lab to protect against a ‘wild’ germ. It could make sense if a bite of the bacteria was induced orally, to get proper immune response – like nosodes.
        Vaccines are a surgical procedure – breaking the skin.
        Billion dollar Tel-a-vision programming = effective marketing = brainwashing.

        1. Rusty,

          Thank you for your reply.
          And yet, mmmm, I can’t open that video page.
          Is the same thing on YouTube by any chance?

          Yes, tel-a-vision, and public school education did a great job.
          Like I said, they can’t even see the lie of ‘herd immunity’ – if you got the shot, you shouldn’t worry about getting whatever the disease that should protect you from, and yet, if you insist that all the others should get the shot, it’s actually proving that the vaccine DOESN’T work, but they cannot even see that logic.

  2. Dr Robert S Mendelsohn, MD a pediatrician wrote about this in the 1980’s in “Confession of a Medical Heretic”. He called it the “Church of Modern Medicine”. It’s a cult of death and disease and disability.

    1. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn on Pregnancy and the Dangers of Ultrasound

      Thanks for your comments!

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