Above Ground World News – Car Crash

Mike Morales Weather Forecast

Mike Morales’ wife Shelley was involved in car crash. Together they produce and publish Above Ground World News – Chemtrail Weather forecasting. Get well soon Shelley! Consider helping out in their time of need…. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/ABOVEGROUNDWORLDNEWS

My wife has a hard long fight thanks to all!
PO BOX 220

12 thoughts on “Above Ground World News – Car Crash

  1. Update Jan 20 – Truly a miracle my beautiful wife Shelley Courtney-Morales has just escaped the ICU dungeon and in a real room just shows the power of prayers and miracles happen thanks to all the prayer warriors and supporters much love good things will come in return karma is always waiting

  2. peace be upon you Mike and Shelley
    Virginia pro gun rally was a turning point for we the people against tyranny
    We must all be one ,in love and respect for one another
    The bad guys are shaking in their boots right now
    Be strong and thank you JESUS for the miracle of protecting Shelley

  3. I sent an email to Mike, asking how his wife is and I did not mention I suspected she was targeted for concern that idea may upset him BUT now I see others suspect as I did.

    Further those who think Trump is innocent, are deluded HE is President only to help bring down America and I fear Americans will not realize that until it is too late.He is nothing but a Gangster, with “personality” for the Zionists who rule America

    I am 79 and have been in this fight since the late 1960’s and have seen the world decline and no improvement, mainly because Americans refuse to DO anything except “belly ache” and complain. I now use a pseudonym because 2 of my ACTIVIST Partners died strange untimely deaths., back in the 80’s

    “Actions speak louder than words” a concept which seems to have been forgotten

    Did the PATRIOTS of 1776, who did die fighting the British, die for nothing???

    Patrick Henry would be ashamed of today’s American who COWARDLY believe WORDS can win against Supremacist Psychopaths.

    It will not be that easy.

    1. Hi Freespirit: Mike has been targeted before and they are on the front line for truth.
      Unfortunately the mainstream media is compromised.
      Elected officials have a control file, are blackmailed – don’t represent citizens.
      Legislation is only passed with money.
      Politics Bottom line Money talks, BS walks.
      Wish this was not true.
      Thanks for your comments! Rusty

  4. I’m truly sorry for all that you are going through! I have watch your last video several times and posted there praying to hear that Shelly is doing well! I pray every day for you- Mike, Shelly and your children. Today I found this site and thank you Jesus for this. I know that Shelly is doing well. I did send a financial contribution to your P.O.Box. You are truly missed. I never met you but have watch you several time’s a week. I truly pray this was not a targeted situation. You have opened the eyes of many. You truly are missed and appreciated. Again, May God Bless You all. May the Blood of Jesus surround Shelly and the Holy Spirit comfort her in this trying time. In Jesus Name We All Pray… Amen. Cindy

  5. Thanks for the address. I haven’t heard of them or their broadcast, but I pray to God that He protects them and their family from the dark forces out there, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, please Lord surround Mike, Shelly and their children with your Love and Protection and repel any and all evil and negatives forces arrayed against them, may Mike, Shelly and their children prevail against evil, in Your Holy Name I pray, amen!

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