2020 The American Community Survey

Is anyone receiving  the 2020 The American Community Survey is asking for sexual orientation? What does sexual orientation have to do with Federal Funding? And asking for race – racial profiling?

“Am I required to fill out the survey? Yes. Your response to this survey is required by law (Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141, 193, and 221 ). Title 13, as changed by Title 18, imposes a penalty for not responding. As a randomly selected representative of your community, you are the voice of your neighbors and peers. To create an accurate picture of your community, it is critical that you respond.”

2019 Sample

Racial profiling

U.S. Census Bureau helped racially target thousands of American citizens for armed government kidnappings, camp internments

Saying no to the U.S. Census

The Census and The American Community Survey: Do You Really Have to Answer All Those Questions?

8 thoughts on “2020 The American Community Survey

  1. When the Census Bureau decides to enforce 8 US code 1324 , then we’ll talk about abiding by 13 US code 141,193,221 , until then my resistance stands !

  2. When Governments tell me I MUST do something, I don`t and they never bother me.Maybe I am lucky,too ugly or scary 🙂 .

    I suspect they suspect I know something so they don’t test me,such as this in an`email I sent recently:

    It’s all about the money or as Congress Woman, ILHAN OMAR said, ”the Benjamins Baby”………..

    I am not sure if she realizes the DEPTH of how right she was because it all started in 1913 with FRAUDULENT creation of the Federal Reserve Act.
    That act has in FACT created a SLAVE colony of all UNITED STATES “Citizens”, who no longer OWN their property or ANY other “ASSETS” of real value.

    Now,not-with-standing my observations about your article, here is an older DOCUMENT, from the time of CLINTON, which EXPOSES the ROOT of the problem no one seems to be aware of OR are deliberately ignoring (I suspect the latter). The complete PDF Document is great but to save time, go to Page 98, CHAPTER 7 entitled “MONEY”: http://www.spingola.com/GlobalSovereignHandbook.pdf

    That is“INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY” by Johnny Liberty – “We the People have a wild card, yet to be fully played. In the united states of America, We the People are the Sovereign powers — if we reclaim and restore it! There must be a revolution against government corruption and an unprecedented ousting of federal officials never before witnessed in the “united states of America” – Dedicated to the thousands of pioneers who came before and contributed to the research and creation of his pdf handbook”!

    Government LIES about EVERYTHING especially about things they say we MUST do, such as complete Income Tax forms-We DON’T need to.

    It is just a famous lie, which most Americans believe, because of SCARE TACTICS.

  3. I cannot stress enough that everyone reads the following TODAY

    The UN


    Acquarian New Age in Public schools and laws – encouraging school age kids to kill themselves for the good of humankind

    In the article, noted names Hilliary and Bill Clinton, Robert Mueller

    Disarmament and the new age, planned long ago as per the link below
    Other names listed Gorbachev which by the way is sitting at the presido in California

    The earth CONSTITUTION and world presidium


  4. I didn’t fill out the census cause all our ‘Governments’ are COMPANIES,
    but anyway, those LGBTQ or whatever people don’t know and don’t want to think about/admit that they have been deliberately created.

    Our detox doctor told me, if boys have got excess copper, they tend to become gay and if girls have less than minimum copper we humans need, tend to become lesbian. Also back in Roman days, they say there were many gay, and that was because they use lead for pipes. On top, hormones everywhere in our food, cosmetic, hair care etc, even in air (“Chemtrails the Secret War” said something about hormone/hormone related material in chemtrails, right?) NO WONDER this HUGE increase in recent years.

    But those who are heavily brainwashed through education, media lies etc., believe that their kind of people were always around in the past, like in same sort of numbers. They don’t think, do they?

    Due to such huge increase, they got the numbers now, that’s why they could raise voices and succeeded to have some vote on it here in Australia etc.

    The traitorous criminals probably want to see the result of their deliberate effort to alter people’s sexuality.

  5. Do they define what a “response” is? Like can you just check every single box. And what is the “penalty”, anyway? Do they throw you in the clink?

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