DEBORAH TAVARES ~ “Illuminati Global Agenda & Smart Directed Energy Weapons”

Most important to understand this real story.  DEBORAH TAVARES, lecturer, analyst, investigative conspiracy researcher and activist is the guest on AGE OF TRUTH TV, in an extensive, eye-opening, controversial and informative interview with presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander.

For more on DEBORAH TAVARES ( go to website: Deborah Tavares is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self‐employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialised in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build‐out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation’s AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man‐made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponised frequencies, the falsified science climate change and of the “global warming” movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. A primary example of this is the multi‐national program to install electromagnetic‐ radiation‐emitting electric meters (Smart Meters) and programs that will create scarcity of electricity, gas and water. Deborah’s highly visible opposition to Smart Meters has been heard on national and international radio shows, digital media, magazine and newspaper coverage, a discussion with Ted Turner—Depopulation 95%/Cannibalism, Russia TV (RT) television coverage at Bohemian Grove/2011, smart meter protests, community awareness campaigns and countless city, county and public utility meetings. SELECTED TOPICS DISCUSSED: – New World Order, Secret Societies & Illuminati – U.N. Agenda 21 / U.N. Agenda 2030 – 5G – A.I. Artificial Intelligence – Internet Of Things – Smart Meters – Smart Cities – Smart Technology – Electromagnetic radiation and frequencies (health damage & data collection) – Club Of Rome – The Green Sustainable Agenda – Climate Change & Global Warming – Depopulation – Coronavirus – Vaccines, Vaccinations in general (children’s diseases incl. autism) – Mind Control – Wild fires (Northern California & Australia) – DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) & HAARP technology (incl. weather modification) – U.S. &/vs. Danish agenda goals – Freedom to choose & Awakening – Water shortages – Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars document ……..all this and much much more in this compelling, fascinating and rather shocking interview with Deborah Tavares, filmed & recorded of February 5, 2020.

8 thoughts on “DEBORAH TAVARES ~ “Illuminati Global Agenda & Smart Directed Energy Weapons”

  1. Dreadful but I was nodding everything Deborah was telling us, and that guy the interviewer seemed silly to me here and there. Anyhow, I seriously sense the end is near. As I have been telling others that they’re adding the finishing touch, unless many joins me with my Secret (see my blog), we cannot stop this horrendous crime.

    At least for now, I’m glad that you Rusty is no way near the U.S. coastline from Texas to Maine…

  2. This is why the Rockefellers in their squid-like ways commandeered years ago the school systems and so-called “higher education”, for this purpose, to spread lies and disinformation to the younger set.
    I second the silliness of the interviewer, though I guess he had to mention the nutso stuff about ‘ancient astronauts’ that Zionist Freemason (and Clinton pal) Zecharia Sitchin just for the controversial nature of it. Fellowshipoftheminds had a great video on that, but their belief was that these people who have “the reptilian eye” are demon controlled, not “aliens”. This is why they’re sacrificing infants and doing such horrible things, just as they did in the old days sacrificing to the demon Molech, they would sacrifice infants in order to get favors from these demonic satanic sources.
    All the different evil groups all fall under the umbrella of the Zionist freemasons.

    Mind control per MKULTRA and illuminati sponsored propaganda need to be defined, they are two different things.

    “Fossil fuels” is also incorrect, it’s not from dead dinosaurs, it’s from the earth itself producing it. If the people listening to these ignorant climate change nutsos would know that they’re being duped and realize these ‘fossil fuels’ are produced from the earth, that would shake things up, especially considering that the “experts” were totally wrong about their origin to begin with. Remember “peak oil” they were screaming about? Never happened.

    The elite want everyone out of Northern California, maybe so they can cheaply “buy up” all the properties?

    Pray to God and have Him be your shield, that’s the best thing to do.

  3. See their plans and how major corporation is marking everyone on this planet – the corporation has been involved for at least a century
    Link above came from the following –

    Also note their script being played out all across the world

    Their aim is to destroy the WEST as they have set up a global INTERDEPENDENT VILLAGE that will be marked or else

    Everything you see has been scripted by the cabal, Kabbalah

    They have planned for decades to deceive the masses and make no mistake they have stolen so much wealth from the entire world that they have an endless budget to put on the best end times show your money can buy

    Todays events and they are all orchestrated and are playing out all over the world to deceive all people and all nations

    India biometrically ‘MARKS’ all ‘CITIZENS’ to be able to BUY AND SELL – SOLD AS A SAFETY AND HEALTH INITIATIVE

    India part of the bankers BRICS new deal and set up of the new digital financial I AM (Identity Access Management) of all things related to the ‘MARKED’ man

    The new age and golden age or aquarian age is all a lie. Same thing with Mother earth and the save the planet movement

    The plan to complete global slavery is

    In the making and being developed and rolled out behind the scenes since 1958
    This EARTH FEDERATION DEMOCRATIC SAVE MOTHER EARTH FROM THE REST OF US HUMANS bullshit will be kicked off once they eliminate the UN and scare the hell out of everyone with their hollywood space alien invasion, complete with all the hollywood magic they can muster
    THE 13 BLOOD SUCKING FAMILIES AND THEIR INBRED OFFSPRING WILL RULE THE ENTIRE PLANET from their private islands, estates, yachts, private jets, etc etc etc while the rest of the world is subjected to being marked, monitored, unished or rewarded based on our social behavior and our ‘civil obedience’ to their HORSE SHIT

    All of it being rolled out under the WORLD JEWISH COUNCIL out of SWITZERLAND (G20, G7 or whatever G you look at)


  4. I’m giving out my flier and putting on cars telling people to email their City Council Member to stop putting these emf transmitters close up to us because we will get sick. I also explain we all need to become knowledgeable on how 5G works and how to turn these on and off. Listening to Deborah Tavares and Lucas Alexander a second time makes me think I need to recommend more people plant food and offer to help them get started here in Los Angeles.

    I have confidence we can stop this grid. We can get moving with barter. Getting these verifiable truths to people right now lets them see how Covid-19 is being used to advance their agenda to have all food production and manufacturing controlled by just a few global monopolies.

    People called and are helping put the flier out. I’m grateful for learning here as well as from David Icke, Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, Josh Del Sol, The Contrail and many more.

    5G are military Directed Energy Weapon frequencies and should not be used for calls and data running on fiber optic cable to stop at sidewalks, then to shoot at us. See Lockeed on youtube use 5G to burn metal. 5G sent sights and sounds in Iraqi soldiers’ brains. 5G hit and burned smartmetered houses in Paradise, CA. 5G prevents blood oxygen uptake and feels like you can’t breathe. Tests suffocated rats, rabbits and dogs with it in the online Navy Report un- classified in 1994. 5G went live in Wuhan, Seoul, Milan, Qom, Kirkland and NY City. S. Korea beating it with oxygen therapy.

    They’re rushing to get 4G, 5G, Wi-Gig up close before anyone knows the D.C. District Court of Appeals ruled on August 12, 2019, they have to 1st prove transmitters in close proximity are safe, which they can’t. We all need to become more knowledgeable, what 5G can do and how to turn it on and off.

    At 2009 World Health Org meeting Henry Kissinger told vaccine investors they’d make millions “thinning the herd and once these sheep accept forced vaccination, they’ll accept anything.” October 2019 Global Health Org rehearsed convincing public of coronavirus using fake newscast with outbreak date. CDC posted Quarantine Advisor jobs 11-15-19. “5G Installed As World Locked Down,” on youtube re: 5G facial recognition Wisconsin school installers sign nondisclosures and told to say they’re disinfecting.

    BioAPI is emfs interfacing with neurons and synapses to invisibly nano sized “wetware” metal components injected in vaccines or inhaled from plane spray. Remove metals eating raw cilantro, broccoli, apples, ginger. Barefoot on ground recharges. Do Tony Pantalleresco’s youtube Nano Bucket Soak. Have chlorella then infrared sauna. Hardwire to the internet indoors. Sing Pray

    Every pandemic was preceded by a global electrification increase: 1918 electricity, WWII radar, 1968 Satellites, now 20,000 5G satellites radiating. found Verizon told 5G investors they’ll get higher returns as Verizon expects to pay out on personal injury claims and class actions for their deceptive marketing. Wi-Gig cylinder on streetlight is same as what most microwave ovens that leak shoot at you. LED streetlights are 5G, harm vision and have increased cars hitting people.

    Email your City Council Member, to see the science that the size and scale of 5G was mischaracterized by the FCC. We’ll get sick. They are being sued for not revising their fraudulent emf exposure limit as Congress recently asked. Robert Kennedy Jr. filed it February 4, 2020. The test only looked if emfs heat up a water filled plastic head. Congress never intended cell towers to be on sidewalks. It’s their authority & duty to apply Building Codes & protect us. 562-618-2752

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