March Madness War on Citizens – March 17 2020

I Post you decide – Coronavirus – Figures Show There is NO Pandemic – CDC Funding Cuts – (CDC unleashed this phony virus to stay in business) – DARPA Injectable Gels – Health Food Store Lock Down 


Hmmm… maybe the CDC unleashed this phony virus to stay in business? Trump administration isn’t backing off proposed cuts to CDC budget. In early February, the White House unveiled a budget that called for deep CDC cuts. Yesterday, the administration refused to back down. Read more


New DARPA injectable solution enables government tracking and monitoring of recipients.

As explained in the following 5-minute video shown below, Celeste Solum warns about a new injectable solution developed by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The solution is a hydrogel, which functions as a biosensor permanently planted within the body of anyone receiving the injection, allowing the evil people controlling our government to track and monitor the recipients at all times. Read more 


Lock down includes Health Food Stores Read More

State and local governments are starting to force many stores to close—let’s make sure those that protect our health stay open. Action Alert!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are putting restrictions on businesses in order to prevent the virus’ spread. In many cases this is appropriate, but it is equally important that essential businesses, such as health food stores, stay open. These stores carry products such as dietary supplements, healthy food options, products to replenish electrolytes, and many other such products that can help us stay healthy and boost our immune systems during the pandemic. This is especially true since major online retailers, like Amazon, are running out of items and experiencing substantial delays. We need health food stores to stay open.

Click the button at the bottom of the page to send a message to your state legislators emphasizing the importance of health food stores in providing consumers with essential products to keep healthy during this difficult time.

Our friends at ANH-International put together a list of immune boosting nutrients as part of their coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak. The piece is called “Build your immune resilience—as nature intended,” and we encourage all of our readers to read the full article. Their list includes:

  • Fresh, preferably whole, unprocessed or minimally processed plant foods
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Nucleotides (can be found in organ meats and fermented foods)
  • Andrographis paniculata(an herb with a long history of use in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Beta-glucans (found in brewer’s yeast as well as shiitake and maitake mushrooms)
  • Echinacea
  • Curcumin from turmeric

Our international counterparts also note:

recent systematic review on alternate COVID-19 treatment strategies in China has found that the immune response is weakened by inadequate nutrition and they are proposing that the nutritional status of patients should be assessed before any drug treatment begins.

All of this underscores the necessity of keeping health food products available to consumers during this pandemic.

Action Alert! Write to your state legislators and tell them to keep health food stores open during the pandemic. Please send your message immediately.


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Another FRAUD called “My Will” ~ Next Target after Coronavirus MURDER is either or all of Northeast coast of U.S.A., Australia, Canada and/or U.K. by some Storm or Extreme Mortality!!


[Everything is a lie] Coronavirus? It’s likely 5G playing some big roll – “Pneumonia” is associated with phlegm, yet “Accute Respiratory Distress/Dyspnea with DRY Cough!??


11 thoughts on “March Madness War on Citizens – March 17 2020

  1. Have a read at the plan as presented as evidence 10 years ago

    From this guys site

    Be awrae that US INC is in bankruptcy

    Anyone who accepts and cashes the ‘checks’ of free money they plan to send out to help the masses is a trap

    These families go back centuries and have been lying to the world for centuries about who they are


    Read all his papers about their fraud which goes back centuries and they pulling the same frauds today

  2. They (G20) bankrupting the world to usher in the mark of the beast and AI
    AI being run out of Switzerland, CERN is the BEAST computer system

    Obama wrote on the steel beam in the one world trade center
    “We remember,” ”We rebuild” and “We come back stronger!”
    WWW folks, they knew when they demolished those buildings and told everyone it was a terror attack

    They also stole TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE US TREASURY THAT DAY and laundered it through the Vatican bank

    Geo engineers getting their license to screw with the planet and the people

    Data Mining Analyst mining everyones data for their hive mind Singularity BS

    Anyone working in any field is aiding and abetting these criminals in their quest to destroy all but their families and steal the earth for themselves

  3. And for those that don’t know the bankers and their ‘governmental family members’ are in the process of ‘bankrupting the United States and making off with Trillions and trillions of dollars of all of our assets while hiding behind the very courts that they created

    Just like the ‘City of Detroit’ which by the way is a corporation not a city at all, one of which they plundered to the point of no return, dumbing down the people, moving factory work to foreign nations for maximum profit, etc etc
    They doing this in every ‘city’ in America folks
    The ‘fictional debt’ will be passed off to your children where they have slave jobs waiting in the wings for them as planned
    CHINA did not rise to power by accident it was planned by the very same family crooks that have been running this PYRAMID PONZI SCHEME for centuries


  4. Drive through testing as they planned back in 2010

    Road blocks, ie drive through clinics as planned

    Title: Drive-Through Clinics Could Stem Effects Of Bioattack
    Date: January 15, 2010
    Source: Bio Prep Watch

    Abstract: A study by physicians at Stanford Hospital & Clinics has concluded that, in the event of a pandemic or biological attack, patients’ own cars can be effectively utilized as a drive-through emergency department.

    The study, published Jan. 13 in the online Annals of Emergency Medicine, noted that the drive-through method could prevent the spread of infectious diseases from patient to patient and from patient to caregiver.

    “The most important message is that a drive-through medical clinic is not only a feasible model, but may be a preferred type of alternative care center,” Eric A. Weiss, first author of the study and associate professor of emergency medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine, told “It can expedite and facilitate seeing large numbers of patients while mitigating the spread of infectious diseases by providing a social distancing mechanism.

    “And it not only can be used during a pandemic, but also would be an excellent strategy for bioterrorism, or for other emerging infectious disease events.”

    A full-scale exercise was conducted by Weiss and three of his colleagues last September, with results showing that moderately ill patients could be both evaluated and treated in the drive-through scenario in an average of 26 minutes.

    The exercises also revealed that the diagnoses and treatments given during the drive-through matched those of real-life patients who visited the Stanford emergency room (Bio Prep Watch, 2010).

    Information above came from this link which can be found under the tag AFTERMATH

    History of a Chicago mayor


  5. Hi watched your video about oranges. I also read articles about nitrogen in the soil, and effects of chemtrails on crops. Not sure if you already reached this conclusion. I’m not sure if i missed your videos about voice to skull technology, microwave ovens, and Gov Gang stalking electronic harassment project.
    Thank you for using info and freedom of speech as a weapon, as a sword and thank you for bringing light to darkness. Looking forward to your videos.

  6. As of today, the “national total” of deaths are 66,000. Not much different than a regular flu outbreak. Plus I’ve heard they’re fudging the numbers (more virus deaths equals more money from El Government). But, just believe the TV, don’t look at the man behind the curtain, pleeeeeze!
    Oh, also saw a great meme which said, “Only in Pennsylvania are we ordered to wear a mask from a guy who wears a bra”.
    Our “secretary of health” is Dr. “Rachel” Levine, a transsexual. Yes, a man who doesn’t know which sex he is should be telling us what to do. It’s like taking psychiatric advice from a crazy person.

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