Chemtrail – Nano Detox Bucket & Bath

Chemtrail - Nano Detox Bucket & Bath

Chemtrail – Nano Detox Bucket & Bath



1 cup baking soda
1 cup Epsom salt
1 cup 20 Mule Team Borox
1 cup sea salt or Redman’s salt
Soak as long as you can – use
1 – Exfoliating Bath Towel 12 inches by 36 inches – works better than dry brushing.
Load the exfoliating towel up with soap for a thorough cleaning. Scrub like your life depended upon this, results are life changing.


Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco  Makes the Anti Nano Bucket with a healthy dose of humor. ?

I have such a high regard for Tony P and his commitment to the health and well being of our planet. I love this guy.

You will need: See printed instructions below on how to, also a 1 hour video.
1 – 5 gallon bucket
1 – tape
10, 12, 14 gauge wire (10 gauge is thicker and can allow more electrons to flow through it)
5 amp power adaptor

4 gallons of vinegar
2 gallons of distilled water
1/4 cup of sea salts
1 teaspoon of oil
and 1 hour to stick your feet in the bucket

Written instructions  below:



Tony P how to video


Chemtrail Detox Play List:


Chemtrail - Nano Detox Bucket & Bath
Nano tech extruded from an activist friend in Spain who has been doing the Nano Bucket, Nano Bath and Morgellons Scrubber

Thanks to Tony Pantalleresco for this gem. I myself use the nano bucket.  I have seen some copper/silver material being released. I have been using Formula 1.

How to Use:
3 ways to do this, formulas are;

Formula 1 take 3 gallons of Vinegar( white) and add 1/8-1/4 cup of salt, 1 gallon of distilled water. And stir—connect power supply
Sit with with either one leg or both legs in the pail for 20-30 minutes.

Formula 2 – 3 gallons of Distilled water and 1-2 caps of DMSO and Citric acid 1/8-1/4 cup and Salt 1/8- 1/4 cup mix and then connect power supply
Sit with either one leg or both in the pail for 20-30 minutes

Formula 3- take TSP -1/8 cup—Salt 1/8 cup Citric Acid 1/8 cup-Distilled water 3-3.5 gallons ( 12 litres for the metrically orientated) mix and set the bucket it up and place foot or feet into the bucket with the coils activated for 20-30 minutes

May feel relaxed
May feel a stress release on the lower back
May see varicose veins shrink
May notice more strength
May notice more mental clarity
May notice a release where you are standing more erect
Possible mental alertness
Better sleep

Tony Pantalleresco’s main website

Bye Bye Blue Sky


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