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    1. Hi Tom: My newsletter contacts were hijacked by a new template I installed, all is well now. Apologies, Rusty

  1. Hello! I am writing to Ross P…. this is Kandy Griffin Vandawalker from the Oregon conference some years ago. I am interested in submitting some work to your page if you are interested in it. It deals with Morgellons, chemtrails, transhumanism,nanoparticles and much more. …… Please contact me and let me know if Aircrap would be interested in a few submissions from my life’s work. God bless all of you in this fight!–

    1. Hi Kandy: I sent you an email. Ross P. left aircrap a few years ago. I have been posting on aircrap since 2012 when Ross had the site. Now I am running this blog. Thanks for your support and offer to help out. Rusty

    1. I can’t find my previous post but I said that the text in the emails wasn’t Latin, because Latin doesn’t have a K or a Y ( which in modern use is called a long “I”). This is at least partially correct.
      In my Latin training on ancient texts like The Life and Death of Cicero (which you can google) you will not see a K or a Y nor one or two other letters. Some letters were added along the way to accommodate foreign words especially from the Greek.
      I don’t think this is a big issue, just a point of interest. Thanks for being flexible.

  2. I got 17 emails from you yesterday and all in Spanish ( at least I think that is the language)! I need them to be in English like before. Someone is messing with your site. I love your site, but this is doing me no good.
    You put out a lot of valuable and true information. Hope you can get this corrected.
    Thank You. Hope this gets resolved very soon. We need to hear your warnings.

    1. WordPress – the site format – is a can of worms – and I got skunked – now I have more page display options. Thanks for your comments!

    1. Censorship is real…. best to download what you can now, the days of internet information is coming to an end.

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