Evidence  – Documentation of Geoengineering

  1. Noun – the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

  2. Verb – be or show evidence of.

Documentation of Geoengineering

Geoengineering Patents

JFK Forecasts Weather Control in 1961

TRANSCRIPT EXCERPTTo this end, we shall urge proposals extending the United Nations Charter to the limits of man’s exploration of the universe, reserving outer space for peaceful use, prohibiting weapons of mass destruction in space or on celestial bodies, and opening the mysteries and benefits of space to every nation. We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television. The day need not be far away when such a system will televise the proceedings of this body to every corner of the world for the benefit of peace. ” (source)

JFK Forecasts Weather Control at 1961 UN General Assembly from What’s Up on Vimeo.


Geo Engineer David Keith Explains What & Why They are Spraying

Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with ’radioactive’ particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology.
The United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed.

While it was known that the government sprayed ’harmless’ zinc cadmium sulfide particles over the general population in St Louis, Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at St. Louis Community College, claims that a radioactive additive was also mixed with the compound.

She has accrued detailed descriptions as well as photographs of the spraying which exposed the unwitting public, predominantly in low-income and minority communities, to radioactive particles.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2210415/Revealed-Army-scientists-secretly-sprayed-St-Louis-radioactive-particles-YEARS-test-chemical-warfare-technology.html

The Air Force is on record as saying they want to control the weather by 2025. The Massachusetts School of Law’s Educational Forum presents part 2 of a Conference on Global Climate Change with Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, author, educator and environmental writer.
The Massachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books. For more information visit mslaw.edu. Posted under Fair Use without intent to infringe upon copyright.

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

13 thoughts on “EVIDENCE

  1. Trying to understand the WHY of chemtrails I want others opinion of it’s purpose considering almost every country of the world is doing it or allowing it to be done there. If that wasn’t the case then I would easily go along with the idea that it is of use by the U.S. militaty. But many countries secretly despise the U.S. and would not risk harm to their country just for the benefit of the U.S. military. So then the only other rich bad-actor are the rich globalists. But if it’s a globalist plan then how do they get the U.S. military to go along given the fact that most everybody in the U.S. military, especially their commander-in-chief, is a strong nationalist who will fight tooth and nail against the globalist agenda which includes weakening the USA.

    1. I read that this is a NATO operation. No chemtrails, as soon as they signed on chemtrails…

      1. Maybe the two countries (USA,Russia) not committed to the Paris Climate Agreement are using chemtrails for defense purposes and just letting all the other countries continue their own programs to fight “global warming” although they know it doesn’t work against that.

    2. I’m afraid it’s the depopulation agenda, and the oligarchs are all spraying their own, using both military and private/corporate resources. UN Agenda 21/2030
      Take a glance at the financials @ deagel.com

  2. Please help us here in California. Paradise was genocide. The first responders were told to stand down. The victims are not receiving any assistance from FEMA yet the entire town has been taking over by FEMA and PGE. We have been under constant spraying in the Bay Area for months but they have really geared things up again in the past few days. I sense they will be causing an earthquake in the Sacrament(o) area really soon. This has all been by design. The money that is being raised for the victims is not going to the victims. They killed everyone in Paradise and the surrounding area. There is nothing left except the gold under the ground. There was a 5lb nugget found in Butte County a few years ago. This was a land grad for more of the greedy fhucks who are running and destroying our planet and species. We continue to be sold out by our fake ass government, the United States of Corporation and if we resist they will declare martial law, which they already did in Paradise considering the amount of Law enforcement and military that is up there. There were 30 thousand people living in that area. The shelters they had that they since closed have had at max 1000 victims. Where did everyone go? There are first hand reports from a tow truck driver saying he saw over 200 dead bodies yet the count stopped at 88 and they are no longer trying to recover any bodies. Someone please look into what I am saying. For Fhucks sake, how many more people have to die before people wake up. I’m fully aware of what is going on and i encourage everyone to go on stopthecrime.net. You will be alarmed at best. Do your research. Figure it out. But do it quick. We don’t have any more time for people to wake up. It’s fricken GO TIME.

    1. Hello Maya, I have been trying to investigate this issue from way out on the East Coast, in New York State, and no luck. If administrator allows it, we can communicate. I run a company “Americans Against Atmospheric Pharmacology” and am active to stopping GeoEngineering of our planet. I am well aware that we’re NOT talking about “plain old, garden variety” GeoEngineering activities and think something has to be done to account for the 52,000 missing residents of Paradise! So let’s get this done. Locking down a city….They’ve got experience in doing this as they did after Hurricane Katrina in N.Orleans 13 years back. Anyway, we’ve got a lot of work to do, and I’m willing to help as much as I can. By the way, I’m doing a bike ride across America to protest GeoEngineering and it goes from my town–Stillwater, NY to Paradise, CA next June (or so). By the way, have you seen the Simpson’s episode from Sept. 26, 2016? Prophetic! My e-mail is: uniquecubed3@gmail.com. My website is: AAAPnow.com. My phone is on my website and you’re welcome to call me anytime. We have to keep trying to spread the truth, so please keep doing what you’re doing! Meanwhile, I sent a lengthy letter to Gavin Newsome as to WHY he’s ignoring so much evidence right in front of his face, but I haven’t received a reply yet.

  3. Tom! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity today! I am going to email you shortly! I seriously needed to hear your encouraging words today! I so appreciate you! Together we can do anything!!

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