Buildings and cars destroyed – trees and plastic items untouched.

PARADISE CALIFORNIA: Target of a Highly Organized Attack
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of Fires
California Fires

Agenda 21 “Diet Lanes” Caused Many Deaths In Paradise CA Fire

California Fire Eyewitness Barely Makes it out Alive

Camp Fire Evacuees Living in Tent Cities – Rain for Thanksgiving Day


California Fires – Cooked by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

In science fiction, futuristic soldiers are often shown wielding light …

Screwed! CA Fire Victims Out – Disaster Capitalists Take Over

Deborah Tavares – Santa Rosa City Council Meeting Comments Jan 30, 2018

Deborah Tavares and Dwayne DeWitt Speak at Santa Rosa City …

60 GeoEngineered Fire Storms in Northern California Out of Nowhere

Noon Today 10/10/2017 – SANTA ROSA, Calif. — After battling …

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