Max Bliss

Max Bliss is an articulate and well versed speaker in the Chemtrial – Geoengineering issue.

Max attended the Paris Climate Change Conference, other major events  and is an intellectual on this information!

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July 6, 2016 Covert Weather and Climate Modification to Manufacture Consent for UN Agenda 21

March 12, 2016 Outstanding Max Bliss – Erick Cypher Discussion on Chemtrails – Surveillance State

Welcome to “The REAL Institute” the channel of Mr Max Bliss- Independent Researcher & Activist. An ordinary, everyday man with his eyes & mind open in our extraordianry times. He was born wondering…..” Why….?”. Always questioning the standard version from the establishment & the injustices of the world, a vehement oponent of wars & corporate domination, CHEMTRAILS was finially the trigger for full time positive action. Unable to ignore the incredible reality of the NWO totalitarian system….a journey of discovery, a search for the truth to find the pieces of the puzzle we need to understand to see the BIG picture. Please join in and help to find the truth as knowledge is power & the truth will set us FREE…. The current sytsem of governance is coming to an end, the NWO want to use Horizon 2020 & Sustainable Development-UN Agenda 21 for Grand Societal Changes…. to implement a scientific dictatorship. NO..!!! LETS STOP the NWO NOW. DIRECT DEMOCRACY & PEACE 4 ALL

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