US Senate Position on 2015 Climate Agreement

2015 Climate Agreement and the Senate position and their legal authority under Article II of the Constitution

Post by Alexandra May Hunter

Going back to November 18th here’s the CSPAN coverage of the Senate Environmental Committee which has jurisdiction over this 2015 climate change Paris agreement. Note the introduction at the beginning. Then,  At the approximate 12 minute mark, listen to distinguished law professor whose expertise is in constitutional law and international treaties. Law professor Julian Ku describe why the Congress DOES have the authority to ratify the U.S. participation in this contract. As I myself have stated earlier and to which Julian mirrors my position, the U.S. contribution document has expressly stated target goals which trigger Congressional ratification which is NOT going to happen. This 2015 piece of fraud is not legally binding: Obama wants 3 BILLION dollars for this fraud and Congress holds the purse strings and they have not nor will they allocate ONE RED NICKEL.

Senator Jim Inofe of Oklahoma, Chairman of the Senate Environmental Committee which has jurisdiction over this matter explains the situation:

Here is a copy off the U.S.’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution,  (“INDC”):which contain the stated targets for the U.S. to achieve.  This is not a political obligation.  It is a legal obligation which triggers the Senate to ratify such under Article II of the Constitution.
Here is a summary of the 2015 Agreement. Take a look at the finance section. This has been deemed a legal obligation. 1. The Senate controls the purse strings for starters and they have not nor will allocate any funds to this scam. 2. Because this is considered a legal obligation, this triggers the Senate under Article 2 of the Constitution to ratify this agreement by a 2/3 vote. Now the Senate is currently controlled by Republicans. The Republicans voted in a 51/49 in favor that global warming is not happening and they did that well before Team Paris attended the conference in July. And the Senate Environmental Committee which has jurisdiction over this matter has stated they will not approve any funds nor will they ratify this agreement. (see the CSPAN hearing below in another post). Hope this helps folks. Obama wrote a check that can’t be cashed.

Carbon Brief Analysis

Here is a copy of the 2015 Agreement.  Of interest I note the following:

Page 2, Section I Adoption. #3. April 22, 2016 signature ceremony in NYC.  Page 4. Section III, Decisions to Give Affect to the Agreement. #22. Submissions of Respective Instruments of Ratification. Page 8. Finance–USD $100 Billion per year as the initial “floor” amount. Page 19. Section V. Non-party stakeholders. Page 30. Annex, Article 21. #1. This section describes when the Agreement enters into full force–30 days after 55 Parties (55%) have deposited their ratification’s.
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